Replacement video card required - what's compatible

  Nickelback1 22:34 22 Aug 2011

I have an HP Pavillion Elite desktop which is approx 3 years old & the video card has failed & needs replacing urgently.

The current broken unit is a nVidia Leadtek PX 8800 GT with 512 mb on board memory. The power supply to the computer is the original Liteon PS- 5301-08HF unit rated @ 300 watt output.

I need to replace the video card with a newer used single slot nvidia card, what can I use in the newer GTX range as std & not overclocked.

Please advise ?

  gengiscant 08:13 23 Aug 2011

Is this your PC? HP PC If so your PSU is woefully under-powered so an upgrade there is required. Your board takes a PCI-Express so you are spoilt for choice. It really depends on your budget and what you use your PC for, if you are a gamer etc.

  Nickelback1 09:46 23 Aug 2011

Yes it is my computer originally !

I'm now running 8gb memory on Win 7 with the leadtek 8800gt with the original power supply which is Liteon-5301-08HF that has a DC output 300 watt.

There is only a single slot available for a graphic card so an upgade to the new GTX's is not possible ?

So if I stick to the older series what do I go for in 8000 or 9000? If I change, what power supply do I need ?

  gengiscant 10:00 23 Aug 2011

You have not mentioned budget and what you use your PC for,if you tell me that I will find what you need.

  Nickelback1 11:20 23 Aug 2011

OK, budget is £100 ish approx (used card, new/used power supply) General use for emails, office, photo's etc, not games

  gengiscant 11:41 23 Aug 2011

To be absolutely honest why not just stick another 8800Gt in your PC which is more than sufficient for your needs or if you want an upgrade then 9800gt. Both can be had for around £50 on Ebay and upgrade your PSU to a minimum of 400W

  Nickelback1 11:57 23 Aug 2011

Thanks, any recommendation on PSU model type etc ?

  gengiscant 12:20 23 Aug 2011

Something like this, 450W or 500W

  Nickelback1 15:03 23 Aug 2011

Thanks, Does the 9800gt need more power than the 8800gt then ?

  gengiscant 15:30 23 Aug 2011

8800GT needs 250W but 300w is safer, 9800GT needs 400W but 450+ is safer.It is always best to have a decent PSU and more power than you actually need mainly for stability.

You may find this useful.Power reckoner

  retep888™ 16:01 23 Aug 2011

Why sticking to the old obsolete card? Get this GT220 Nvidia card click here instead and it runs on your old PSU with 300W as well.

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