Replacement router for ADSL...

  Gaz 25 01:11 13 Jun 2004


Its either one of these. Im looking at good features and maximum security:

The linksys looks pretty good: click here

But on reading about the Vigor, then it starts to make decisions difficult - the security features look better: click here

However linksys are a division on cisco, surely the security on ciso should be better, but the Vigor looks attractive.

Which one then?


  pmjd 04:28 13 Jun 2004

Haven't had any experience with either companies so can't comment on quality or reliability.

The Vigor does have an impressive feature set, more so than the Linksys.

When you say security, do you mean generally or WIFI security? If WIFI then the Vigor looks better as it supports WPA, which is more secure than the older but more common WEP standard. However your wireless card needs to support WPA as well for it to work.

The linksys doesn't make any claims about WPA, more research needed to see if it's available as a firmware upgrade in the future.

So depends what you want and how flush you are feeling?

The cheaper Linksys would be a good all rounder.

The Vigor has extra (or more marketed) security features and a print server but is almost twice the price.

  Gaz 25 04:32 13 Jun 2004

Price is no object on the router really.

It is mainly WiFi security and a good internet bound firewall, and the Vigor by Draytek does have a Stateful inspection as well.

  Gaz 25 04:34 13 Jun 2004

I will be using these PCMCIA cards for the laptops:

click here

I will be using 3.

The PCs will run from the RJ45 connectors.

  Gaz 25 04:41 13 Jun 2004

Aint look like my Belkin WiFi cards are WPA comaptible.

  Gaz 25 04:43 13 Jun 2004

any that do guys?

  Gaz 25 04:45 13 Jun 2004

Ah, this one does:

click here

  pmjd 18:46 13 Jun 2004

The Dlink PCMCIA cards are slightly cheaper at ebuyer
click here

Might save you a few quid.

Another thing to check that the Wireless cards will work with your chosen router, I'd go for the Draytek for better wireless security. In thoery all that follow the standard should be fine but occasionally I have seen reports of some routers being a bit fussy as to which WIFI cards they would connect to. This was a while ago so may be all the problems have been sorted.

Good luck setting it all up, do make sure to turn on all the security functions as they are disabled by default.

Any more questions please do ask.


  Gaz 25 18:56 13 Jun 2004

Yeh, its DrayTek and Linksys that are incomatible. So D-link should be ok.

I'll give it a go.

I am ok setting up routers so should be fine, will ask if need help.


  Gaz 25 18:57 13 Jun 2004

Where can you buy the draytek cards?

  pmjd 22:34 13 Jun 2004

Had a quick check of their website but they only seem to make routers and modems, no wireless adapters!

Never came across any Draytek products other than routers before either.

Dlink are a good company, might be worth searching for any reviews of the router to see what they connected to it with.

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