Replacement Printer

  Border View 23:36 24 Aug 2007

My Canon i450 seems to have given up. Wont print black if I dont use it for a couple of days. To get it going I have to put a new cartridge in. I blame the cheap compatables I purchased a while ago. Anyway it was reconditioned when I bought it about three years ago so it doesnt owe me anything.

I have a scanner which I'm not all that chuffed with, so have decided to consider one of these all in one jobbies.

I like Canon but am open to suggestions. The price of replacement ink cartridges plays the most important part of the equation. I do print off quite a few photographs, but in the main its documents/letters that get printed.

I've looked at the Canon pixma MP510, but again am not set in stone on what to buy. Not keen on Lexmark, because of price of cartridges.

Have decided that in future I shall stick to the real thing on ink cartridges.

Would welcome your suggestions on replacement multi functions printer/scanner.

  Border View 23:38 24 Aug 2007

Should have mentioned that I am running with Windows XP Home.

  €dstowe 06:22 25 Aug 2007

Have a look at the offer dabs have on HP 7310 printers this weekend.

click here

I bought one the other week as a replacement FAX machine and have found it very good.

  Clapton is God 07:59 25 Aug 2007

Just bought the Canon Pixma IP4300 from click here for £54 (it's now £57!!). Very pleased and it was a PCA Best Buy click here

  Border View 09:00 25 Aug 2007

Thanks very much for responding fellas. Like the look of the IP4300

  wee eddie 09:45 25 Aug 2007

Look for one that will work with Vista as well as XP.

You may easily upgrade your PC in the next few years and it would be rash to buy one that didn't have suitable Drivers.

  Border View 09:56 25 Aug 2007

Good point wee eddie. It really gets my goat the way they bring out new operating systems which mean the purchase of a whole new set of hardware. Talk about rigging the market. Same thing happened when I went from 98SE to XP

  wee eddie 10:05 25 Aug 2007

I still have my old Aptiva, running '98se, in the loft attached to a (SCSI) Agfa Scanner which could not be persuaded to run on XP, but is faster than all my friends new ones.

  setecio 10:13 25 Aug 2007

The Canon MP510 is the bees knees. Has excellent reviews and gives you the All in One benefits.

  Border View 14:05 25 Aug 2007

Looks like the MP510 has the edge because its Vista compatable.

Many thanks for responding everyone. Now just have to find the best price.

  €dstowe 14:08 25 Aug 2007

The HP machine I mentioned comes with Vista drivers.

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