Replacement PC -Lets get real on cost

  colg 21:01 02 Jan 2003
  colg 21:01 02 Jan 2003

OK my MMX 166 is now really beginning to show its age, and I'm pretty sure that I can't just replace a few components.

I've got a fixed monthly budget out of which I need to run the car, pay the mortgage, indulge my nicotine and alcohol addictions, plus buy food.

The other half will give me grief if I spend even £100.00 on the computer.

How do I minimise the grief, get a reasonable computer and still have change??

I use the internet (but will not be going broadband for a number of years), would like to play games but currently my computer isn't really up to it, and am happy to squint at the 15" monitor I've got. Also can live with my cranky old printer.

Any ideas?

  bvw in bristol 21:07 02 Jan 2003
  Tankus 21:10 02 Jan 2003

Your a hard man bvw....he he

  Pamy 21:11 02 Jan 2003

Fags and Boose or computer, your choice


  Quiller. 21:12 02 Jan 2003

Look at product bundles. Bundle no 3. £75. Duron 1100+ hsf+mother board + case.Add 256 ram. New system for under £100.

Use your old hard drive, cdrom and floppy.

click here

  graham 13:36 04 Jan 2003

My local computer shop has a base with Pentium 166, is that the same as MMX 166?

  Quiller. 16:02 04 Jan 2003

They come in 3 flavours. I think.

The P54C chip, Mx chip and the MMX chip.

Some also say pentium class cpu. This could be a cyrix or amd chip.

  colg 18:37 04 Jan 2003

Tres funny bvw, unfortunately not yet married, and as for you Graham you may have found Pentium 166 but as usual me and my MMX166 are a superior model!! :-)

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