Replacement modem for Webstar 100

  Trikie 22:25 05 Aug 2007

Despite downloading the driver recommended when I kept losing the internet connection the problem is getting worse.

What is a good (better) modem to get to replace it.

I'm on XP SP2 with Virgin broadband and don't want to go wireless.

  skidzy 22:34 05 Aug 2007

I can recommend the Speedtouch 330,old now but a reliable modem.

Before you go ahead with a new modem,have you thought the problem could be with Virgin ?

Ive several reports now that Virgin have there issues.

You could buy a Modem router and just use the ethernet connection.

  mgmcc 13:48 06 Aug 2007

Isn't the "Webstar 100" a *CABLE MODEM* in which case you cannot replace it?

As you are using drivers, presumably you are connecting to it via USB. Why are you not using Ethernet, which doesn't require the installation of any software or drivers?

  Trikie 14:50 06 Aug 2007

Thaks. Yes, it is a cable modem. Being technically ignorant what is Ethernet and how do I install it?

  skidzy 16:22 06 Aug 2007

Sorry i didnt realise Virgin offered internet to cable customers as well as BT.
Well noticed,i will take that info on board.

  stylehurst 16:43 06 Aug 2007

Isn't the Webstar 100 supplied by Virgin & their property; if so why replace it?
Part of Virgin/NTL/Telewest contract is that htey supply & own the cable modem; hence any problem with the modem is their problem.
Suggest you would be much better off using Ethernet connection not USB. There have often been problems with Telewest & USB.
Ethernet is your network connection; you need a Cat 5 cable connection, often one came with the modem.

  mgmcc 07:28 08 Aug 2007

Power off the PC and the Cable Modem, which must be left without power for three or four minutes - this is IMPORTANT so that it loses the association between the existing connection (recognised by its MAC address) and the IP address that it has allocated to it.

Connect a network cable between the PC's Network Adapter (RJ45 port) and the Cable Modem's Ethernet port. Power on the Cable Modem and, when fully booted with all lights displayed, boot the PC. The Cable Modem will recognise a new connection, allocate a different IP address to it and you should have internet access.

  Trikie 22:30 10 Aug 2007

Thanks everyone - plenty to try there.

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