replacement harddrive

  hawkshead 20:52 17 Feb 2005

does anyone know where i can get a tutorial
on replacing a harddrive

  Totally-braindead 20:54 17 Feb 2005
  Curio 20:55 17 Feb 2005
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:56 17 Feb 2005

Fit 2nd HDD
click here
click here

These tutorials explain how to fit a 2nd as a slave.

For a master the principle is the same just set the jumper to master,

screw into case.

connect IDE and power cable.

boot Pc from CD and install operating system

  Curio 20:57 17 Feb 2005


  hawkshead 20:16 18 Feb 2005

fitted new drive and the system just stops
do i need to run fdisck before i can install

  Dorsai 20:28 18 Feb 2005

A new drive is normally 'blank/a clean slate' when you get it. It needs prepairing for use. IE formatting.

Fdisk is optional, but a good idea, i believe, to partition the drive into several bits. That way you can put your personal files on one partition, and put windows on the primary partition. (IE c:). Then if you ever need to re-install windows, all your presonal stuff is still there.

I found the instructions click here very helpful for me. There is a detailed set of instructions for fdisk and format. Hope this is the info you need.

  hawkshead 11:11 20 Feb 2005

thanks alot Dorsai
great site

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