Replacement fan for Graphics card

  ScanJet 20:16 28 Nov 2006

Can someone pls advise where I may get a replacement graphics card fan (the one that is attached to the side of the card) for a Geforce TI 4600 card. Recently it has become a little noisy and is getting worse......

Thanks in advance

  Totally-braindead 20:20 28 Nov 2006

Buy a new card is my advice, its a lot of trouble replacing them, you have to find a fan that will fit and then try to get the old one off. You should be able to get something decent at a reasonable price. Some recommend putting one drop of oil on the fan and say that works but they mean one drop as if you put in more it will spray all over the place making a right mess and perhaps damaging something. I wouldn't try it hence my suggestion to get a new card.

  Belatucadrus 20:21 28 Nov 2006

click here take your pick.

  AndySD 20:22 28 Nov 2006

click here Overclockers uk

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