Replacement for dead Epson Stylus Photo 890

  Trikie 12:08 27 Apr 2004

A 42 minute session on Epson's helpline has confirmed the death of my 2 and a bit year old Stylus Photo 890 printer. They have given me a name - Equinox- for a repair quote but is it worth the trouble?

I paid £150 for it - what is a current equivalent that will make a similar job of A4 photos?

A consideration is that I recently bought a bulk supply of JetTec inks and still have 3 colour and 4 black in hand.

  €dstowe 12:59 27 Apr 2004

Most printer suppliers produce a different style of ink cartridge for each new range they produce so cartridges for an 890 printer will most likely only fit another of the 800 series - which is now obsolete.

The other day I bought a Stylus Photo R200 for the specific purpose of printing DVD discs. As it is also a photo printer, I thought I'd give it a go at printing a photo. I was amazed at the high quality of the results - matching those of some of our professional multi-hundred pound models. This printer cost just less than £90. Excellent value in my opinion.


  Charence 13:09 27 Apr 2004

Hi! If you are wanting to print quality images that are waterproof, I'd recommend that you choose with Epson's Durabrite technology which apparently uses oil based inks.

Have a look at the reviews on the PCAdvisor website.


  Trikie 11:30 29 Apr 2004

Thanks £dstowe. I've taken your advice and bought a Stylus Photo 200.

Can you help me a bit more. On the outer box it says install software before connecting the printer to the PC, but the set up instruction sheet says connect before installing the software.

I have e-mailed Epson (why should I have to pay for a help line phone call because of their lack of attention to detail) but they have not yet replied. I had considerable problems installing the 890 2 years ago and so don't want to take a chance this time.

Can you remember how you did it?

Thanks again.

  squillary 12:59 29 Apr 2004

Sorry I didn't spot this thread earlier. A mate's Epson also went to the junk heap in the sky. 4.5 years old and a serial device.

Looking for a multifunction device and aiming at cheapness from the high street we spotted a Lexmark 3120 for £60 and 5150 standalone for £90 which hit the mark at Comet. Also an HP 1210 for £90 at Currys. Both were either flimsy or goddam ugly.

Our eyes wandered to an Epson CX3200 MFP using the Durabrite inks mentioned earlier - photo quality prints, scan and standalone copies in colur and b\w. Nice front panel and built like a tank (looks like you get VFM, but bulky, though with a reasonable footprint). Price £90 at Comet with USB cable and all software.

Probably cheaper online but my mate wanted it there and then. Couldn't resist it. Looks and prints like the biz.

  €dstowe 13:22 29 Apr 2004

With current Epson USB printers, place the setup disk in and begin the install. At a quite early stage it will tell you to connect the printer. Do this and then let it carry on the installation.

Good luck with the printer - we are still very pleased with ours and it's printed about 100 DVDs so far.


  Trikie 13:38 29 Apr 2004

Thanks, will install it now

  squillary 13:40 29 Apr 2004

Yup, just to be more specific, you have to connect to the USB but leave the printer off until the software specifically says to switch it on.

The advantage of a standalone device in this situation is you can set it up and test it on its own. When it's ok you can rip your desk apart to plug in cables and install it for the computer. Helps a little in any trouble shooting.

  €dstowe 14:01 29 Apr 2004

Note that with the R200, there is a lot more to install than the printer drivers. Epson supply a lot of additional software for disc and photoprinting as well as the usual status monitors and such like.


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