Replacement Athlon XP 2800

  caro456 10:22 30 Jan 2007

Does anyone know where I can get one of the above cpu's at a reasonable price?

  Gongoozler 10:28 30 Jan 2007

The XP 2800 is obsolete, so your best chance is probably to buy via Ebay, for example click here

  keef66 10:33 30 Jan 2007

I know from personal experience that Ebay is the only likely source for a cpu of that vintage. You could use the opportunity to go for a slightly faster processor. Make very sure you get a detailed specification of the cpu and make sure your motherboard will support it.

Details of your pc, especially the motherboard, will help others who have suggestions or links for you. I can't browse Ebay at the moment because I'm meant to be working, and the company's net-nanny won't let me. Gross infringement of my basic human rights if you ask me, but I do need to pay the mortgage.

  caro456 10:41 30 Jan 2007

I have looked at ebay, but wanted a new one if I could get one, as I'm not overly confident yet and would like the added assurance of the guarantee. It may be that I will have to take a deep breath and test the water, but just a question first - I have sourced a 2500XP on pcupgrade (they also have the 2800xp but it's almost £100!!), would I notice the difference in performance? The machine isn't heavily used - just internet and a few games/applications.

  Friday's Child 10:43 30 Jan 2007

Try PCUpgrade.

click here

  caro456 10:45 30 Jan 2007

The motherboard I have on order is an ASRock K7NF2 Raid Socket A

  Friday's Child 10:45 30 Jan 2007

Sorry I must have been typing when you made your last post.

  sidecar sid 10:58 30 Jan 2007

AUT have stocks of the 2.6ltr
at £42.99 plus p&p
click here
And scroll down.

  Stuartli 11:35 30 Jan 2007

The fastest Athlon XP is the 3200+ which I have - some on eBay:

click here

But don't think you would notice that much difference overall from the 2800+.

  Totally-braindead 12:00 30 Jan 2007

As long as you pick a CPU from the supported list you will be ok click here but depending on what processor you get you might need to flash the BIOS.
In my opinion it comes down to cost. If the faster processors are available at a few pounds more then ok go for it, if not go for the cheaper option. The 2500 is a good chip, rather fast and I would think that you would notice no difference whatsoever in use between a 2500 and a 2800. Of its perhaps £10 more or something like it then go for the faster chip but if its something like £50 more its just not worth it.

  keef66 12:05 30 Jan 2007

I'd go for the 2600+ in sidecar sid's link. I doubt you'd notice much difference, and it's half the price of the 2800 and less than the 2500 from PCUpgrade.

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