replaced memory can't turn computer on

  BethanyGanglfinger 19:20 18 May 2014

HI I have a Toshiba L505-LS5021. (windows 7) This computer is several years old. I recently got a work at home customer service job. The job required 4 Gb or ram I only had 2. So I went out and bought a new ram card. I didn't know how many slots I had at the time So I bought it as one card.

I took out both of the cards that were in the computer and replaced them with the one card. Now I can't turn on my computer. Trying to avoid taking it to a shop because I don't really have a lot of money so I'd like to learn and fix it myself. Since it the only card in there I don't think it could be acting poorly with another card and it seemed to fit fine. This is the card I got click here for any help!


  Mr Mistoffelees 20:31 18 May 2014

I can't find a qualified memory list but, based on information from, it appears you can only fit a maximum of 4GB by using both memory slots. You need to return the module you bought and buy another 2GB module. You will need to make sure the new module matches the specification of the existing one and it may be better to buy a new matched pair.

  BethanyGanglfinger 21:21 18 May 2014

I tried searching for the one I used via my computer model. So I was hoping it would work I didn't see my model on I did try to put the original one back in there but it still wont turn on.

  wee eddie 23:10 18 May 2014

Have you tried removing the new stick and reinstalling "BOTH" of the original sticks?

While reinstalling the sticks, did you, by any chance touch the contacts?

How did you decide which RAM Stick to buy?

  AlexShu 13:22 03 Jun 2014

You did make a bit of a mistake (see below) but I don't think it's the cause of the problem. If the RAM (Random Access Memory) is improperly installed or even missing, the computer should still turn on partially, showing a little something called the BIOS (read up) which basically tells the parts of your computer how to work together. [Note: with some computers even the BIOS won't work without RAM, but this is unusual.]

Does your computer emit a single beep when you try to turn it on? This is the BIOS trying to tell you that there is no RAM installed!

If you don't get any of these warnings, be sure you didn't unplug any other bits (cords, battery, or anything like that). If you do see the BIOS (blocky text on a single color background; most certainly not Windows 7) then continue reading:

With some laptops, you must have all available slots filled. If you had a total of 2 GB of stock RAM (RAM that came with the laptop), I'm guessing you have two sticks with 1 GB each. Correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I gather, you removed both stock sticks and inserted one 4GB stick? Try putting instead 2 identical sticks with 2GB each.(2+2=4 basic maths) :) Before buying, be sure that the RAM you get is compatible with your computer. You probably have DDR3, so be sure that you get the right one or the sticks won't fit, period. When you install it, press the stick gently but firmly into the slot. You should hear a lovely click as it locks in, showing you that everything is well on the outside.

If you continue to have issues, be sure to keep us updated! Be sure to mention the slightest beep, fan noise, screen flicker, etc. Good Luck!

1]: [click here

  uesquebeathus 20:37 11 Jun 2014

It sounds to me as you have not seated the Ram into the Slot correctly. and also check when the Laptop boots up hold down the F1 key it should stop at the BIOS screen the first page will show if any ram is being captured by the Bios and show 2Mb or 4Mb at the Ram count location on the screen. in the Ram does not show it is not fitted correctly. Or you are fitting Ram of a rating which is too high for the motherboard to use, check the numbers on your old Ram Card/Chip are the same as your new type. Replacing Laptop Ram for someone who has not done it before can look simple and it can often look as if they cards are in position correctly, but are only sitting at the slot. Look at the area where the ram goes and you will see each slot has a groove and a spring clip on each side. For simplicity, the Ram is pushed into the slot at a slight angle 25 degrees and then tipped back into the Laptop until both spring clips click into place on each side, locking them in place.

  woodchip 15:44 14 Jun 2014

The single beep tells you that 5 Volts power to hardware is okay, not memory

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