Replaced home phone now no internet connection

  DAKAR 18:52 03 Sep 2006

I have today replaced my home telephone with a similar set up as my previous phone, two handsets a base station with answer machine.
After setting it up as per instructions I found I could not connect to the internet
I have a wireless router which I reset thinking it might have scrambled with me disconnecting the phone line but no difference, I have always been able to connect with no problem with my old phone set up using one 2 way phone adaptor one cable going to phone and the other to the router
Any ideas by the way the new phone is a BT product

  skidzy 19:00 03 Sep 2006

"I have a wireless router which I reset "

Surely you will have to set the router up again,as there is no ip address assigned.

If this is the case,make sure you delete all evidence of the previous setup to reduce any conflicts.

Ive been having my own router problems recently and found reseting the router and like above deleting all traces of any previous setup and running regscrubxp click here to rid the obsolete registry entries.Now everything works ok.

One more have fitted the filter to the phone line ?

  DAKAR 19:59 03 Sep 2006

thanks skidzy
what I dont understand is why just by replacing the phone that this problem has arisen because as I said all I have really done is pull the phone line out of the two way phone adapter on the wall socket and replace it with the new phone cable
any other ideas

  skidzy 20:05 03 Sep 2006

Dakar,if you have reset the router...have you set it up again or are you hoping it will just revert back to the previous configuration.

Sorry im a little confused about you resetting the Routerand expecting it to work without setting up the ip address/submask etc.

  silverous 20:32 03 Sep 2006

There is a limit on the equipment you can have connected to the phone lines in your home. I think it is called a REN number. It might be that the new phone setup has a higher 'REN' than previously.

It also could be that the new wireless is conflicting with the router - try logging into the router and setting it to a different channel.

  Portly 20:33 03 Sep 2006

1. Have you replaced the micro filter at the new telephone socket ?

2. Are you trying to connect to the internet via a radio connection, rather than a wired connection, and if so, is your new telephone base station interferring with your router frequency ?

  DAKAR 20:39 03 Sep 2006

skidzy at a previous time when I had a problem with connection I had tech advice who talked me through the process of resetting the router and what I did was (this is a Belkin router)pull the power lead out of the router then shut down the computer after 30 seconds plug the router power cable back in wait 20 seconds and power up the computer and all has been ok since
I have just been having another ago and found that when I have the phone line connected directly to the computer all works well when I then plug the phone cable into the adapter as well the phone works but the computer wont connect
ta dakar

  Portly 20:45 03 Sep 2006

that your new phone is shunting your internet frequncies on the telephone line. Have you forgotten to fit the filter.

  DAKAR 20:46 03 Sep 2006

thanks for thoughts portly I have replaced the filter and as I am running a home network the connection to the internet is wired and wireless to the second pc
ta dakar

  Portly 20:50 03 Sep 2006

the new telephone plugged into the line, but disconnecting the power supply. This should show whether the frequencies are conflicting.

  DAKAR 20:51 03 Sep 2006

thanks silverous I will try and find out about the REN from BT tomorrow if all else fails
and will have ago at changing the router channel
thanks very much for that
regards dakar

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