Replaced Hard drive now no internet

  CAPES 20:03 05 Apr 2012

Hello, My hard drive on my Mesh pc was on its way out so i decided to replace it, now i cant get on the internet and i think something must be missing. I used the windows XP recovery disc that came with the PC, no problems installing it, I have checked the device manager and the network adaptor (1394 net adaptor) has no indicators next to it. When I check my network connections the 1394 says its connected, but it doesnt disconnect if i unplug the ethernet cable. i'm using a virgin media superhub, which is working fine, so any advice would be welcome. I havent contacted VM because its obviously some software issue on my pc, Mark*

  rdave13 20:18 05 Apr 2012

Not familiar with any Virgins but don't you have to set your name and password to connect? If you've restored using Mesh's restore disc then it can't be your drivers.

  lotvic 20:25 05 Apr 2012

the 1394 is a firewire port (works like a usb port, usually used to connect a cam-corder to the pc). Your internet connection is via the ethernet port to your router/modem. ClickHere (article refers to MacBook but the ports are same on a pc)

When you used the windows XP recovery disc did that take you back to a factory fresh image install? or do you have to install the motherboard drivers as well?

In device manager were there any items with a yellow exclamation mark next to them and/or marked Unknown?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:31 05 Apr 2012

Check plug and socket wiring

  lotvic 20:33 05 Apr 2012

If it's ethernet cable to router/modem it should show in Network Connections as a 'Local Area Connection'

rdave13, are you bragging or complaining :) lol

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:33 05 Apr 2012

Sorry ignore that.

I don't know how it appeared in this thread, as was posted in another,

  rdave13 20:49 05 Apr 2012

lotvic, my time of life I really don't know. Rather nourishment than punishment!

Virgin is cable so the modem requires name and password to connect? That's before connecting to a router for wireless. So I'm guessing that to connect to Virgin again the modem needs to be set-up. As it was a Mesh disc I assume all drivers were re-installed unless another disc was supplied with drivers. OP stated no problems in device manager?

  Strawballs 21:23 05 Apr 2012

The super hub is Virgins own modem/router so you will not have to put in user name and password again, I would unplug the super hub and the PC leave for 5 mins, then plug in the superhub and leave a few mins to settle then then switch PC back on.

  finerty 08:50 06 Apr 2012

have you double checked the wiring on the motherboard for any loose connections. I sometimes have issuers when connecting to the net and i have loose connection on the board, when i find the culprit i just have to reconnect that wire.

Are you sure your net company isn't down for any maintenance for a couple of hours.

Reinstall all the drivers one by one and also restart the computer after installing the drivers one by one restarts.make sure modem is off and when you installed the drivers try to C if get on the net.

U have formatted the new drive?

  CAPES 10:05 06 Apr 2012

Thanks for all the replies, I hav'nt had a look at this since i gave up last night, but basically i just put the new hard drive in, quick formatted it, maybe i should properly format it and try again. I only had 1 recovery disc with my mesh pc, i think its just the OS, i've browsed it and cant find any mention of drivers, i didnt get a motherboard disc, i've checked on ASUS website, but cant find any specific drivers (motherboard is M2NPV-VM). When i activated the super hub originally i had to go to a activation website, but it just wont dispaly this time, cant even get to the hub main page. I changed a hard drive in my sisters Dell recently and had no problems getting on to the web, so like i said something is definately missing on my system. There are some yellow marks in the device manager, but i think they refer to the graphics card which is faulty anyway. I cant get to a screen that asks for my password but i havent got back on it yet, will try again later and again thanks for the replies Mark

  CAPES 18:41 09 Apr 2012

Just an update, I'm now online with this new hard drive, Mesh only supplied the OS recovery disc so i had to download the drivers for the motherboard from ASUS Mark

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