Replace heat sink and fan

  lihp 19:32 03 Jul 2005

I have a Medion MD8000 and I've recently found the plastic cradle that holds the heatsink and fan to the motherboard breaking up. I've repaired as best but could someone tell me - if I bought a new heatsink and/or fan is it a universal fitting to the motherboard? Does the cradle come with the motherboard or the heatsink? I've tried looking at heatsinks in Maplins but it difficult to tell without removing same from the bubblepack whether there's an attachment included to attach it to the motherboard.

  Belatucadrus 19:58 03 Jul 2005

I think you mean the "Socket retention module", they generally come with the motherboard. When I changed the CPU fan on my old Medion, it had a bespoke cradle that had to be replaced, as it wouldn't take standard P4 coolers. The only place I found that sells them seperately is QuietPC, postage is a bit high, but delivery was next day click here

  User-312386 20:06 03 Jul 2005

Universal No, you need to know which type of socket it is, i beleive yours is a Socket478.

With regards to what is breaking up, you will have to lift the lever and seperate the heatsink to see if it is the surround of the heatsink or not.

Here is what you may need click here
or this one click here

You normally find that the base of the heatsink breaks away

  lihp 20:10 03 Jul 2005

Thank you Belatucadrus I did mean a 'Socket retention module' As you've already been there it looks similar but mine has two metal bars that hold the heat sink in place. How did yours work?

  lihp 20:19 03 Jul 2005

Thanks madboy33©®. Belatucadrus has the right words for it. It's the 'Socket 478 Retention Module' - or to me - the plastic bit on the motherboard! Thanks guys (or gals!) I'm pointing in the right directions now!

  Belatucadrus 20:35 03 Jul 2005

The original did indeed have two bars to hold the CPU fan in place. This is the original bespoke Medion module, in order to replace this you'll probably have to try Medion. I changed mine to try a quieter fan click here as the standard Medion unit is a bit of a buzz bomb and the result was a much quieter system.
Word of warning though when I took the original fan cooler out, the cpu came with it. It was stuck in place by some revolting black thermal goop and removing it was difficult, but necessary as it was quite impossible to put the thing back in situ as the heat exchanger block pushes the locking lever down before the cpu is in place.

  lihp 20:55 03 Jul 2005

Thanks Belatucadrus. They must have changed the goop cos my heatsink came away ok. Can I take it that if I get another retention module from then more or less any current cooling fan/heatsink will fit? Or do you recommend the one you linked to?

  Belatucadrus 21:09 03 Jul 2005

The quietPC module is the standard one and pretty much any P4 CPU cooler assembly will fit, as you can see there's a lot of choices out there and they're getting increasingly complex in the effort to dissipate the heat quietly.
All I can say is that the Arctic Cooling unit I linked to fits nicely in the QuietPC module and cools my P4 1700 very well and rarely if ever gets above 1400rpm on a hot day, this is less than half the speed of the original and it is a great deal quieter. Higher spec P4s may require something a bit more elaborate click here to achieve the same result as they run hotter. Do check that there's enough room if you try the more elaborate option though.

  lihp 21:35 03 Jul 2005

Thanks Belatucadrus. Now things are getting really complicated!! I'll stick with your recommendations as the Artic Super Silent says it can cope with my 3Ghz P4. Once again many thanks for your help keeping my family Pc alive!

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