replace hard drive

  denis93c 09:21 05 Aug 2005

i am going to remove an excelstor technology es3230 30gb hard drive because it is grinding and crunching and running very slow.
i am going to replace it with a maxtor 40gb hard drive.
is it a simple matter of swapping them over and rebooting,then put my xp disc in,or is there more to it?

  xania 09:31 05 Aug 2005

No - that will work fine but - Yes there is more you CAN do if you have a Partition Manager. Install your new drive a master and the old a slave then boot up using a bootable floppy into Partition Manager and copy the entire directory to the new drive. Make the new drive 'Active' and you can then remove the old drive and you will be running exactly as before.

  denis93c 10:38 05 Aug 2005

that is out of my league my friend,thanks

  DieSse 12:49 05 Aug 2005

From the Maxtor site, you can download a program which will copy over the whole of your old drive onto the new one - with complete instructions how to do so. click here

  denis93c 13:11 05 Aug 2005

thanks made diskette ,ill give it a try.

  denis93c 15:33 06 Aug 2005

it worked a treat

  jake2 21:33 06 Aug 2005

Would the same technique work when swapping a hard drive for a larger one without the xp disc? Pc came with xp installed from factory, so no disc. So I would need to copy everything from the old drive including xp onto the new drive.

  DieSse 21:48 06 Aug 2005


  DieSse 23:55 06 Aug 2005

You may (or may not) have to re-activate WinXP after changing a hard drive - but even if you do it's not a problem to do so.

  jake2 23:58 06 Aug 2005

How would I do that?

I've just started another thread asking how I choose a hard drive.

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