Replace existing C drive with new HD

  swapper 22:35 20 Jul 2012

Windows xppro. Is there a way of replacing my "C" drive, which I am beginning to think is failing, without reinstalling everything. I have a second internal HD "D", which is large enough and which I could use, and an external HD with two partions, which I back up to. I back up using Acronis thanks.

  ams4127 23:09 20 Jul 2012

Yes. I've recently done the same thing.

Using Acronis, clone "C" onto "D" and make it bootable.

Restart your machine, enter BIOS and make the new disk the primary boot disk. Exit BIOS, reboot and it's job done.

Do not delete anything on the original disk until you are 100% sure that everything is working as it should.

  rdave13 23:23 20 Jul 2012

Find out first if they are sata or pata(ide)drives. You'll have to open the case to see the connections. Forget the external USB backup drive as that is what it is whether you have images or not. If you have two physical hard drives and not one partitioned into two, then I'd leave the data HDD (the one without the OS), alone. Buy a new HDD and connect via a caddy (my preferred way) and use Acronis to clone the C: drive. If the D:\ drive is a partition of a single hard drive then do the same again but clone the whole drive, partitions included.

I use Paragon so I can't advise how to do it with Acronis. Hopefully someone here can point the way of how to 'clone' with Acronis.

  lotvic 00:32 21 Jul 2012

If you have an Acronis full backup .tib then you could take out your existing C: and replace it with the drive you want to be your new C:

With your external hd connected and the new drive in, boot with the Acronis CD and put the image .tib from your external hd onto your new C:

  rdave13 00:40 21 Jul 2012

lotvic , why not simply clone to usb drive? Supposing C:\ and D:\ drives are partitions? If not and both are two separate drives then the data drive need not be touched.

  swapper 07:33 21 Jul 2012

Thank you all, I am very relieved. I have two two internal drives "C" and "D", and am competant enough to replace "C" internally. I have used "D" Drive for "My Documents" file for some time, so "C" drive mainly has the o/s and just a few programmes, on it, everything else is on "D" drive. I will get another drive, and report back here when successsful, thank you all once again.

  swapper 07:57 21 Jul 2012

I'm sorry everyone. I should have said that the reason that I think c drive might be failing is that when I have attempted to back up using Acronis over the last three or four times,it has failed, reporting bad sectors (clusters?), and I have sorted this by using "sfc scannow" and "chkdsk /r", any opinions please? thanks

  robin_x 11:19 21 Jul 2012

It could still work for months or years (perhaps with occasional chkdksk and sfc scans). Or it could fail suddenly.

A 160GB HDD on my 8 yr old Desktop has is like that as well.

It's not my main PC. Any important data is on my laptop too, and I keep two Images of it on an external drive.

So I am just waiting till the HDD dies completely. On the few occasions, things have stopped working, I have just run chkdsk then restored the latest Image.

  lotvic 13:38 21 Jul 2012

There are usually several different ways to choose from to achieve the end result depending on the level of experience, Hardware equipment, software for cloning & backing up, types of backups already created etc.

Better to give the OP a choice. I have used the usb ext drive way in past and also the internal for both cloning and putting a backup image.tib on. With any method you have to be careful that you don't put it on the wrong drive and lose data you didn't want to :)

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