Replace Athlon with Sempron?

  vinnyobee 20:16 21 May 2005

Please,excuse the ignorance,but I have a 1.7mhz AMD Athlon in my P.C. can I replace it with a Sempron or do I have to get a faster Athlon second hand?Thanks.

  Belatucadrus 20:23 21 May 2005

You need to look at the motherboard manual to see what it will support, Semprons operate at a faster FSB than Athlons, so it's unlikely that an old board will support one as is. A BIOS update may help, but without details on what board you've got is impossible to be sure.

  vinnyobee 08:28 22 May 2005

Hi thanks for responding Belatucadrus,its a MSI 6390

  dan11 09:03 22 May 2005

Hi vinnyobee

Here is a list of cpu's your motherboard will support. click here

As you can see, it supports upto a 2200+ AMD. Unfortunately it does not seem to support the sempron model cpu's.

Are you running the 1700+ at the moment ( 1.467 Ghz ), it will take a 2200+ ( 1.8Ghz ). That is not much of an improvement and I think not worth the extra expense.

You can get motherboards for as little as £20 that will take the new sempron chips, these will also take the barton chips upto 3200+. click here

But as with everything, you must check your other components to see that they are compatible.

Wish it was better news. :-(b

  Belatucadrus 10:26 22 May 2005

I checked out the BIOS updates for the 6390, there are some tweaks for 133 fsb chips, but nothing for 166, so the MSI list posted by dan11 remains definitive and Semprons aren't an option. It's down to your own preference, but I agree with dan11 that upgrading to a 2200 probably isn't going to be noticeable. For anything other than gaming you probably don't need a CPU upgrade anyway and if it is for enhanced games or graphics a new VGA card may be an option.

  vinnyobee 14:17 22 May 2005

Youve been very helpful,even though its bad news.Cheers

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