replace athlon 2400 with sempron 2600

  hzhzhz 15:43 20 Mar 2005

Is it worth replacing an athlon 2400 cpu with a sempron 2600.

  bremner 15:48 20 Mar 2005

The 2400+ is a 266Mhz CPU, the Semperon is 333Mhz so no it is not worth it as I assume your mobo is a 266Mhz FSB too.

The Semperon will therefore not run at its designated speed and will be slower than the 2400+

  hzhzhz 15:52 20 Mar 2005

mobo is asrock k7s41gx.

  bremner 16:03 20 Mar 2005

The mobo does support a 333FSB so will take the Semperon.

There will be an increase in performance but whether you would notice it will be debatable.

A sure fired way of getting a noticable increase in performance is more memory.

  dagwoood 16:03 20 Mar 2005

hzhzhz, according to this click here your motherboard will support the Sempron.

If there's nothing wrong with the Athlon I carry on with that as you wont get any performance increase by changing to a Sempron(probably be slower actually).

HTH, dagwoood.

  hzhzhz 16:09 20 Mar 2005

Thanks for your responses. I will leave things as they are.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:09 20 Mar 2005

I doubt if you will notice any difference. personally I would chuck some more RAM in.


  hugh-265156 16:13 20 Mar 2005

i have a sempron 2600+

its not a bad wee cpu but only performs on a par with a friends 2100+ athlon. i would keep what you have as above or see if you can get your hands on a faster athlon maybe.

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