Repeat..Repeat same windows update daily why?

  Happy1 22:18 28 Mar 2003

Has anybody got this problem at the moment? I am using XP Pro. and have auto update turned on for windows. The little icon appears in system tray within a couple of minutes of logging on. This has happened 3 days in a row now and when it has finished it asks if want to install. I click yes. When finished a box pops up and tells me it is having to install over VM whatever. I already have the Hotfix(critical update on) I have never come across this before. Usually only get updates that I havnt got already. Any cure would be appreciated.

  Paranoid Android 23:12 28 Mar 2003

Hmmm - spooky !

Since no-one is answering, I guess they are all as stumped as I am. The best thing I can think of is to switch off automatic updating - it isn't really necessary and certainly not worth any hassle. Personally I never touch it. If you check for updates once or twice a month that should be enough.


  woodchip 23:18 28 Mar 2003


  Qmar 23:29 28 Mar 2003

cdilla etc probably? from games and music cd's etc.. use spywareblocker..also
download 'XP-ANTISPY'. can run from a cd (see fleccs offer)..shows all the ways XP accesses the internet in the background giving you the stop each ..also exlains each.

  powerless 23:33 28 Mar 2003

Have a look here.

click here

  Paranoid Android 23:51 28 Mar 2003

Hmmmm - hardly any known problems with Windows Update then.


  Happy1 11:53 29 Mar 2003

Thanks for all your help. I know never came accross this prob. before. Had a look on site no answer their. i'll give Qmars advice a go. I think Microst are maybe being paranoid. Not a serious prob. I dont think unless I do have spy on apart from BT that is.

  Happy1 11:55 29 Mar 2003

Whoops I meant Microsoft. But you will have known that wouldn't you.

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