Repeating background image, how can i avoid?

  Ade_1 17:14 10 Apr 2006

Hi, i have a background image which at the bottom has a line at the bottom just to hsow its the bottom of the page. However it repeats itself once too much text is inserted. Is there a way of having it continue to go down with the line at the bottom (which is included in the image) and not repeat itself?

Thanks in advance

  ade.h 18:57 10 Apr 2006

Hi Aiden. I know you use DW, and I'm a NOF user, so it may not be exactly the same; but I find that the only way to avoid the tiling is to make the background image bigger (it can be bigger than the layout, which allows margin for error). Hope that helps some.

  JWJ 20:57 10 Apr 2006

If your using css then {background-repeat: no-repeat;} should do it.

  Ade_1 21:40 10 Apr 2006

I wondered if it was able to be done via css, but unfortunately no im not, i am still learning it but struggling. I thought about that ade.h however i wanted a line at the buttom of the content just to sho it was hte end of the content on that page if i make sense. I will think something up. thanks for all the advice :)

  ade.h 22:07 10 Apr 2006

What I'm doing with my latest project, that has pages of different lengths, is to design a background that has different lengths to match, ie each page has its own version of the background. That's what I would do in your case, so that you can position the line wherever you need it for a given page.

  ade.h 14:48 11 Apr 2006

A bit of image editing isn't too much trouble; I've kept a sort of "template" in the form of a UFO (Ulead File for Objects) similar to a photoshop PSD file, so that it's a 30 sec job to make a new background. Though I am holding off on each page until the content is finalised of course.

If Aidan isn't too CSS savvy yet (nor am I) then the table at the bottom would be a good solution provided the alignment can be sorted and stabilised.

Tables never quite work as well as they should in NOF; they change with the browser width okay, but alignments and fixed widths are problematic, especially when cells have to be split horizontally to allow things like images.

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