Repeater set up - DCHP issue

  nujjer 01:01 16 Oct 2009

Similar vein to other posts, but I couldnt find an answer so please indulge.

ADSL modem Router (D-link) and an Edimax extender. All works OK... for a while. Stable for a few days or a week even, then for some reason any computer I try to connect through the extender fails to get an IP address assigned. Wherease the same PC will connect fine through the base router. Radio connection is fine, so the wireless bit works.

D-link SSID = "Southview", DCHP=ON, range x.x.x.10 to x.x.x.100. WEP on.

Edimax (repeater) SSID = "Southview2", DCHP=OFF, WEP on. I use the same WEP password for both Access Points.

When a PC does connect through the extended the IP address is within the DCHP range as you would expect - when it dails to connect, the PC will have an "automatically assigned address" which looks pretty random, and the dreaded "limited or no conectivity" message. Later it may well work again. I think I've tried everything - what could I be missing?

  ambra4 05:58 21 Oct 2009

See if this helps stroll down to the lasting posting

click here

  nujjer 17:24 27 Oct 2009

Thanks, I already saw that one. It didnt work for me.

I have found out that the DHCP lease for a particular PC remains open even though the PC has been turned off, so when I turn the PC back on and try to reconnect I guess the MAC address gets a conflict....?

  nujjer 23:05 28 Oct 2009

Everything seems to be up and running - I just experimented and it now appears stable. So for those googling, here is my set up

DLink ADSL router xxx.yyy.1.1
DCHP = ON. Range xxx.yyy.1.101 to
SSID = "southview"
Channel 1 (was autoselect (anything from 1 to 11 - I have now fixed as 1)
WPA ON - passphrase "whatever"

Edimax repeater xxx.yyy.1.100
Gateway xxx.yyy.1.1
SSID = "southview2"
Channel 1
WPA ON - passphrase "whatever" ie the same as the D-link, although I suspect this doesnt make a difference.

I have found it critical to REBOOT the edimax, each time I move it (ie power it down during my experimentation) not simply just plug it in the ac outlet.

PCs logged into either Access Point, the D-link or the edimax, are now given a sequential IP address on a lease (.101 then .102 then .103 etc). I can see this if I log into the D-Link and look for connected clients. If I disconnect a device the DCHP lease stays active, simply counting down. If I the reconnect the device it just takes up the DCHP lease with the same IP as before.

I hope this makes sense to you if, like me, you are a network klutz trying to find your way around this stuff.


  nujjer 20:15 01 Nov 2009

After a couple of days it fell over again. Doh!
I have crumbled and given up on a totally dynamic network. Decices that I want to connect to the edimax repeater I have assigned IP addresses OUTSIDE the DHCP range eg xxx.yyy.1.73

Working as of the time of this post....

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