Repeated requests for password

  A&D 20:37 26 Aug 2004

I am getting repeated requests to enter my password to access my ntl e-mail account and ntl.home via Internet Explorer. I have re-entered the password in Outlook and IE and checked the boxes for remember password but to no avail. It's not stopping my access but is annoying. Any suggestions please anyone?

  bretsky 22:56 26 Aug 2004

Go through all your OE account settings just to make sure you have got your pop and smtp spelling and data correct.

I had this when changing over to B/B from dial-up, my account name was mis spelt, so when OE was fired up it did not recognise the account and was bringing up a login box for me to fill in.

OE>tools>accounts>highlight your a/c and click on properties and then click on the general and severs tabs and make sure all entries are correct {note: info is case sensitive}

bretsky ;0)

  A&D 09:49 27 Aug 2004

Thanks bretsky I've done all that and can see no problem (interrupted then by 5 password requests until I cancelled). This has only started recently so maybe the problem is at the ntl end. Their auto test finds no problem but I'll send them an e-mail query.

  bretsky 12:38 28 Aug 2004

Got this out of PCA issue107 june 2004 helpline not sure on what o/s you have {Second half of question relates to you}
My pc has Windows 98 and Norton AntiVirus installed but I’m having trouble sending email.
I can always receive but on attempting to send I get the following message: ‘The host could not be found. Please verify that you have entered the server name correctly. Account, Server Protocol Pop3, Port 110 Secure SSL, No Socket error 11001, Error No Ox8OOcccOO’.
Using the answers to similar problems given in the April issue (pages 138 and 139), I have been able to send emails. But I have to go through this procedure each time. I also have another problem: Dial-up Networking won’t remember my password even though I’ve asked it to. Harry Kennord

The error number Ox8OocccOO means that there is something wrong with authentication, this might be connected to Windows’ inability to remember your password, so I’ll try and solve that problem first.
For password caching to work you must be logged in to Windows, althouqh you can be the default user with a blank password if you wish. Open Control Panel, Passwords, On the Change Passwords tab click Change Windows Password then hit ok. Leave all the boxes blank then choose ok again. Chose Control Panel and restart Windows.
If this doesn’t help, password caching may be disabled — perhaps because the password list file is corrupt. To ensure that it’s enabled, start the Registry Editor and expand H key_local
machine\Software\ Microsoft\WIndows\Current version\ Policies and select the network folder, If you see DisablePwdCaching and its value Is 1, password caching is disabled. To enable it, double-click DisablePwdcaching and change the value to 0. Then restart Windows.
To remove a corrupt password list, open Windows Explorer, right-click the Windows folder and select Find. In the Named box enter *pwl and click Find Now. It a file named <username>.pwl is found (where ‘username’ is your name, truncated to eight characters) delete it or remove it to a temporary folder. If a file named rna.pwl is found, remove that too, Now restart Windows. You’ll need to re—enter your passwords, but this time they should be saved.
Pt you stilt have the problem; I’m at a loss. However, reader Keith Seddon wrote after seeing my answers in the April Issue with a solution that, without seeing the problem computer for myself, Id never have guessed.
Keith received exactly the same error because he’d misunderstood the Freeserve setup instructions and thought he needed to create a POP account — which he did. In fact, the settings had automatically been entered In the default account. All he had to do was delete the account he created. So to avoid errors, make sure that your computer has just one dialup entry and one email account.

Hope it's of some use

bretsky ;0)

  A&D 20:15 19 Oct 2004

This turned out to be a problem at the ntl server. Thanks for all suggestions.

  bretsky 21:51 19 Oct 2004

Glad you sorted it out.

bretsky ;0)

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