Repeated dial up attempts

  Munchkin 21:18 11 Dec 2004

I have a laptop which connects to my dial up internet connection first time every time. My desk top PC however makes several attempts before establishing a successful connection. Is there any explanation for this ?

  Graham ® 21:29 11 Dec 2004

What noises can you hear from the modem, and any messages, please?

  Munchkin 11:22 12 Dec 2004

I get the usual squeaks and buzzing and squeals from my modem which I have always got. There are no messaged displayed though !!!!

  Gongoozler 11:29 12 Dec 2004

Different modems make different combinations of squeaks and squeals. If your modem is having problems connecting, the dialogue box usually indicates this with "Dial attempt 1, Dial attempt 2 etc". Check your computer for the number being dialled, this may have the international dial code added which would take longer to dial, but it is more likely that all you're hearing is the handshaking communication which is your modem and the isp modem negiotiating connection speeds etc.

  Gongoozler 12:28 12 Dec 2004

One thing I would advise is to check what dial-ups you have on your computer, Programs - Accessories - Communications - Dial-Up Networking (Windows 98) or All Programs - Accessories - Communications - Network Connections (XP) to make sure there are no rogue diallers there, and to use an anti rogue dialler program such as this one click here

  Dorsai 13:10 12 Dec 2004

I dont know what version of windows, but i think this holds true for most.

The modem software can have more than one phone number programmed in. It will try the first number in the list, and if it does not work, try the second, then the third, and so on.

If your pc always tries to connect the same number of times before the connection is established, it could be that it has several numbers programmed in, and that the first few are wrong.

Control panel>network connections> right click your modem, pick properties from the menu, and next to the phone number box there may be an 'alternates' button. Click this, and see if your PC is set to dial more than one number. Your may also have the option to tick a box, 'move successful number to top of list'.

Assuming there is more than one number, you will need to work out which number is the number you should be dialling, and delete the wrong numbers.

The anti-dialler advice given above still worth following, just in case.

  Gongoozler 14:11 12 Dec 2004

Dorsai, I forgot that one. Freeserve definitely had several alternative numbers, but the dialogue box should indicate which numbers are being dialled.

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