repeated crash of MSWord

  Wizard of Morpeth 12:15 26 Jan 2005

I run a Mesh 1900+ with 1G RAM and 160GB HD and Windows XP home edition.

A few weeks ago I attempted to upgrade with Windows XP service pack 2 - with the PC Advisor cover disk. The computer will not load windows at all and I had to roll back in safe mode. I tried again.

Since then I have a persistent fault that MS Word crashes. It goes for a variable period then freezez - with text visible, a frozen cursor and a dotted red line across the text. I have repaired then reinstalled word to no avail. I have not reinstalled windows from the rescue disc. This problem all dates from the attempted upgrade.

I run McAfee Pro and it is all up to date.

This whole

  rawprawn 12:26 26 Jan 2005

Have you tried Detect and Repair in MS Word Help ?

  Wizard of Morpeth 12:34 26 Jan 2005


  rawprawn 12:38 26 Jan 2005

Can we just be clear, is SP2 loaded at this time or did you remove it? if you removed it how ?

  Wizard of Morpeth 12:45 26 Jan 2005

No SP2 is not loaded. I was unable to load it off the PC Advisor disc (though it succesfully upgraded my laptop) Windows would not load afterwards except in safe mode. I had established a point to roll back to before installing and i duly went back. Everything else works it has now been 6 weeks and nothing else freezes or crashes. I have repaired and uninstalled and reinstalled and done a full current virus search.

  rawprawn 13:16 26 Jan 2005

Im sorry the only thing I can suggest is to try loading it again, if you are on BB directly from the MS Site. It may be that some remnants have been left in the registry when you rolled back. If you reload and it doesn't work, uninstall from Add or Remove Programs. (Make sure the box at the top "Show Updates" is ticked) I have been called out so I have to go now, I will look back later.

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