Repeated Blue Screens with XP Pro

  AragornUK 13:22 16 Jan 2004


Due to a CPU failure I decided the time had come to upgrade my PC. So, cash in hand I bought an AMD XP 2800+, ASROCK K7S8X mainboard, and 512MB DDR. All my other components were fine, so kept those. Since installing my OS, I have had nothing but problems. Repeated blue screens "BAD_POOL_CALLER" "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA" etc.

These I may have traced to the ATI Radeon 9000 drivers. I've read of a few compatability issues with that chipset. However, even when using an nVidia card, the PC has been suffering from terminal "I'm going to fall over now" syndrome.

All will be fine for a few days (regardless of graphics card), then - Boot Blue Screen. Usually with the message "The registry cannot load the file (hive) system root\system32\config\software it is either absent, corrupt or not writable" On one occasion I managed to use a Sys Restore in safe mode and got my PC back, but only once. Every other time results in a format/reinstall.

I have tried 3 different Hard Drives, one of them a new one, all with the same result. Is is possible that a faulty MainBoard component or even CPU could be causing these in some way? I have been firewalled and AntiVirused but no scan has been picking up a virus. Although 1 common factor in all these system failures is the presence of an AV prog. AVG, McAfee, Norton and NOD32 have all been tried, worked for 3 or 4 days then the system crashes with the registry error message. I am more than willing to concede that this may be coincidence, but if anyone has ever had, or heard about, similar problems, any advice would be appreciated.

This PC is about 2 more formats away from being taught a valuable lesson with a lump hammer :o(

  ventanas 14:01 16 Jan 2004

Have you considered that it may be faulty memory. This is one possible cause of the Page_Fault etc message.

For the bad_pool_caller error re KB article Q265879, although I believe there are easier ways to debug than this method. Perhaps someone else can help with this.

  AragornUK 12:50 17 Jan 2004

I have looked through the MS hinderence pages (oops, 'help' pages) and as you say, their debugging methods are more than a little drawn out so to speak.

I downloaded the simmtester memory tester and ran that, but the memory passed all the to be honest I'd decided that maybe the RAM was OK, but I suppose I could be wrong.

Anyone any more ideas? Especially with the "registry cannot load the file (hive) message?

  VoG II 12:59 17 Jan 2004

Similar error click here

  skeletal 13:21 17 Jan 2004

I have three ideas:

1. Does your crash occur on startup? Or to put it another way, if you left your computer on for several days, would it be OK? The idea being that when you turn your computer OFF, for some reason Windows is not shutting down properly and is corrupting itself.

2. You talk about an upgrade and have moved to a more powerful processor. Can your power supply cope with the new stuff? Voltage dips could cause all sorts of bother.

3. Have you got all the BIOS settings correct on your new motherboard particularly with reference to clock speeds, multipliers etc. Like a complete dipstick, when I upgraded to a 2700XP I tried to set the speeds to 2700, forgetting the actual clock speed is nearer 2GHz (can't remember exact figure). It didn't like it at all!

If nothing works, I think it would be very satisfying to pulverise a computer with a lump hammer. This would teach it a lesson and warn others not to play up so much!


  AragornUK 13:21 17 Jan 2004

Long time no see. Hope you're keeping well.

I must have missed that article in the MS KB, although I must say that I wish they could put all the info on one page occasionally. 3 different pages you need to open to get the info to get the PC back in order again. Any idea what may cause these corruptions in the first place? I've been running on bare install, AV and Firewall, so it can't be software related surely? Or could it?

  Chegs ® 13:27 17 Jan 2004

Is your RAM a single stick of 512 or two+ smaller sticks? I have 3 sticks of DDR that refuse to run together,as one runs ever so slightly slower than the other two.Install all three and my system starts crashing every few days,removed the slower stick(after testing with RAM tester to find "some" difference!)and pc runs merrily for days,online 24/7.If you can,remove a stick,if it still crashes,swap sticks,if it still crashes,then something else could be the cause.(I also found that with RAM crashes,XP often goes and loses data from Virtual Memory,and once its crashed,a fresh install is often the only way to get stability back)

  Big Elf 13:29 17 Jan 2004

I had the same problem with my ATI Radeon 9000. It turned out to be, in my case anyway, an incompatibility between the drivers supplied with the card and AVG antivrus. When I updated the drivers and the AV definition files it fixed the problem.

When doing research on the problem I also came across to references that a Highpoint RAID controller driver could also generate the message.

  AragornUK 13:30 17 Jan 2004

Hi. Well, sometimes I'll come back to the PC and it's crashed with a BAD_POOL_CALLER or PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA message. When rebooting, sometimes all will be fine, sometimes I get the corrupted registry. I am currently downloading SP1 and am going to risk it. I seem to recall a fix that slowed down the XP shutdown to prevent such things, but going through all 45 Critacl Updates and 25 Windows XP updates that the Update site tells me I need is really not something I relish.

The CPU is set at 166 x 13.5 which is 2.241GHz - about right I think. The PSU is 350W, although I was getting the same problems with the 400W that came with the case. That was a cheap and nasty thing, so I put my previous PSU in which is only 8 months old. I suppose it **could** be a little under powered.

With regard to the lump hammer idea, I agrre that it would cheer me up and teach the little beige boxes who's the boss. Beige Box Subordination is what we need. Total breaking of their willpower to defeat us at every turn.....

  Chegs ® 13:33 17 Jan 2004

Your puter is your friend,don't be so nasty to it....

  AragornUK 13:36 17 Jan 2004

Replies coming quicker than I can keep up with now.......

Chegs : Same to you as VoG. Hope you're OK. The Ram is one stick of 512, with no immediate access to another stick I can try swapping out with, and obviously am reluctant to buy another stick in case they're incompatatble. System running fine at minute, but it really is a bare install. Even relying on XPs built in firewall - urrgh.

Big Elf : As I said I've read about incomaptablities with the 9000, so it's good to hear from someone who's experienced them. I wonder if the incomaptiblity could be with most AV progs and certain program versions of them? The only thing that's letting this theory down is that the same fault appeared with a cheap nVidia MX200 chipset card (a whopping 32MB onboard)

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