Repartion hard drive

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My father has had a Pentium 11 350 processor with Win 95 updated to Win 98 for years but his 10 Gb hard drive is still partitioned into C,D,E and F. He is being driven to distraction by error messages from his printer and constant reminders that his C drive is full. Leaving the drive chopped up like this seems very messy so before he throws the machine out of the window I suggested we load Win 98 SE to give him a bug free operating system. How do I repartition the drive so that the whole drive is one partition?

  « Ravin » 17:52 26 Feb 2003

well you could use FDISK.

go to add/remove programs in control panel and under the start up tab create a start up floppy.

next boot from the floppy. when you get the a:\ prompt type fdisk. there you can delete all existing partitions and then create a new partition that occupies the entire hard disk space. you'll have to format your hard disk again which means you are going to lose all your data .

have a look at these links for more precise info:

click here

click here;en-us;q255867

or you could use a pay software like partition magic

  « Ravin » 17:53 26 Feb 2003

the microsoft link


just copy and paste in your browser and delete the space before support

  Djohn 17:55 26 Feb 2003

Partition Magic will turn all the separate drives back into one, without deleting or loosing any of the programs/files, or you can format the Hard drive and start again with a clean install.

Partition magic5 is a free program and will work with 98se. J.

  ^wave^ 17:56 26 Feb 2003

f disk is ok but will destroy your data get partion magic and use that

  jazzypop 17:59 26 Feb 2003

click here for the best guide I have found to using Fdisk.

There are a few things to consider...

Fdisk will delete all of your information - make backups of your data first.

Your current BIOS may not permit the whole 10GB drive to be seen - check with the mobo manufacturer in case an updated BIOS is required.

If you check your HDD manufacturer's web site, they often have utilities to allow the whole 10GB to be seen.

Make sure you choose FAT32 (or large disk support) when using Fdisk.

Thanks everyone, here goes...

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