Repairing XP using r command...

  Busy 23:47 06 Feb 2003

Ive just had to reinstall XP for second time in 3 months after Ive been left looking at the message
C/Windows/system32/system/config is missing or corrupt-you can use R to try to repair file using original XP disc.

Tried that,got to screen where you type R for repair,got C/windows; with flashing cursor and didnt know what to type in,so typed HELP and a choice of commands comes up,none of which seemed appropriate.
If it goes t*** up again,anyone know how to try to fix this file? Thanks

  mavestar 23:54 06 Feb 2003

hi there, have you tried downloading the xp repair package 1 from microsoft ? this might patch things up a bit for you. Hope it helps.

  AndySD 08:03 07 Feb 2003
  AndySD 08:05 07 Feb 2003


type the following exactly as written,

cd system32\config (press enter)

ren system system.old (press enter)

copy c:\windows\repair\system (press enter)

exit (press enter then press it again to restart your computer)

  User-312386 08:29 07 Feb 2003

to repair xp, go to start>run type "sfc /scannow" (without the quotes and note the space between sfc and the /)

pop the xp disc in and it will repair for you


  Busy 11:17 07 Feb 2003

Thanks,I'll keep this page for reference,just hope it doesnt happen again!

  Elrond 12:52 07 Feb 2003

Another way is to boot up with your XP cd, and instead of choosing r to repair. Continue with an installation. It then on the next page gives you the option to repair and winXP then does it for you.

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