repairing from disc

  spmilligan 12:04 09 Oct 2007

Hello, I have been told that if i boot up from my computers original disc, that i have the option to repair from it without putting it back to manufacturers settings.
Is that possible as i have lots of pictures, documents etc that i dont want to lose or does it go straight ahead and reset all the bits and bobs back to original.

  ambra4 12:37 09 Oct 2007

Check this site

click here

  Sparkly 14:07 09 Oct 2007

Allso here
click here

  wee eddie 17:13 09 Oct 2007

Why do you think you are where you are?

Where are you?

In other words, what has led you to believe that a Repair is the only option and what facilities and experience do you have available?

The PC's OS might be useful

  DieSse 22:49 09 Oct 2007

"i boot up from my computers original disc,"

If it's a manufacturers system restore CD - it'll delete everything and put the system back to how it was when you first bought it.

If it's a WindowsXP CD - yes you can a repair which does not delete all your data.

However as wee eddie asks - why do you think you need to, and why do you think a repair is an appropriate measure to take. Let us know more, and maybe we can help more.

  spmilligan 11:19 10 Oct 2007

Hello all,
thanks for the replies. I am ask about repair because of a few factors really. theses are i have lost pictures, not sound on windows media, have rolled it back to no avail, tried finding codecs without success. Shortcuts on the taskbar (bottom LHS) keep dissappearing everytime i start up even when they are put back and locked etc. Shortcuts on desktop also keep moving after rearrangeing, locking etc.
I have tried ccleaner, regcure, unloading the downloads i had installed, system restore is also not working for whatever reason and it is turned on. I know they are minor problems for some but when everything isnt just so its annoying, you get used to certain things in certain places and then they move.
So someone at work mentioned doing a repair from the disc, which is where you guys can hopefully steeer me right. Thought it may help and for no other reason that it may improve the performance back to othe original specs.
Thanks very much for your help so far.

  bof:) 08:32 13 Oct 2007

Do you have a Firewall program and some type of antivirus/antimalware program on your PC? If so which and have you updated and run them?

have a look at Skidzy's posting for help and advice here:

click here

make sure you have only ONE antivirus program loaded. I use the free version of Avast and that works fine for me.

Also Only use one firewall on your PC Zone alarm is ok. (and there is a free version)

Make sure first that there is no other antivirus program and a firewall already running on your PC.

Also chose a couple of antimalware programes. Usually if 1 misses malware the other will find it. I use Spybot, SuperAntispyware and AVG antispyware free version (the other 2 are also free).

make sure you only run ONE antimalware program at a time and do not run one if you are already scanning your PC with one of the antivirus programs.

If, after running them nothing is found post back.


  Totally-braindead 17:02 13 Oct 2007

Repairing windows might well work. You might have to reinstall the motherboard drivers as well. But bof:) raises a point you should be aware of. If it is some sort of file corruption with windows then yes this will sort it BUT if the problems you have are actually caused by either malware or viruses then doing this will only help initially as the malware/viruses that are causing the problem will just reappear again doing the exact same thing as they will still be there.
You must make sure you have scanned your PC fully for malware/viruses to stop this happening again.

  100andthirty 19:33 13 Oct 2007

whatever you do, don't mess with a restore or Windows disc unless you've backed up all your data or are prepared to risk losing everything. A few mistaken key pressed and ......... all gone!

Check your back-up is good before proceeding

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