Repairing digital cameras

  fred 16:43 25 Jan 2004

Is it feasable to repair digital cameras?

The zoom and focus mechanism on my Dimage F100 has jammed and it sounds as if there is damage to the drive mechanism. I suspect that it is not viable to repair but will email Minolta later to try and find out. (Not going to hold my breath waiting for a reply though).

Does anyone have experience regarding getting cameras repaired please? I only want to look into the viability of a repair. Any comments welcome. Thanks

  Sheila-214876 17:02 25 Jan 2004

Depends on what you mean by "viable". A £600 camera with an £80 repair may be viable, but the same camera with a £300 repair may not be. Is it insured? An insurance policy (like mine) of "New for Old" makes it viable again. My friend had a Fuji camera which he dropped, and, like you the zoom and focus mechanism was damaged. He made a claim on his insurance and got a new camera. He was told by the insurance company they didn't want the damaged camera and Fuji has quoted him £75 to repair it??? So, is that viable? The original camera cost £300 secondhand.

  Diemmess 17:14 25 Jan 2004

Dropped an Olympus 3040 (or something) and as a result the zoom lever was doing nothing.

Jessops required £40 to accept the repair which was sent to Olympus and back in about 15 days.
The cost was £117 all inclusive and offset by the £40 already paid.

Since I had already bought a replacement, I sold it on to my son who paid me the cost of the repair which was fully effective.

It spoils the story a bit to tell that the poor camera having done its best swallowed enough sand to sieze the lens movement and the new owner tried DIY. His efforts nearly succeeded until he tore a ribbon cable and binned it.

  fred 17:33 25 Jan 2004

Thanks for the replies


That's why I'm asking this here. I do not want to incur costs when it may well be better to settle for a replacement. No insurance, at least not for breakdown.


Your tale, despite the sad ending, gives me some hope.

Once again Thanks.

Any other comments please?

  Stuartli 17:52 25 Jan 2004

I bought a Minolta Dimage E203 digital camera two years ago. About two months later the zoom lens would not always move in and out after switching on.

It went back to Minolta at Milton Keynes and an attempt was made to repair it. I rang to find out the progress and was informed that the technician was not happy and that I was being sent a new one by the next day.

About an hour later I got a call to say that a new camera could not be obtained (at another warehouse and it was late in the day), so it would be a day later than stated; the lassie who rang said she didn't want me to wait in unnecessarily.

The replacement has worked perfectly since it arrived.

  siouxah1 20:47 25 Jan 2004

Have dealt with Minolta at M Keynes, over the counter..

If you live nearby go and have a word with them. They do deal direct, or did.

Otherwise send it to them and ask for an estimate. In any case give them a ring, the young lady who used to answer the phone was quite helpful. Tele 01908 200400.

Have done this with both film and digital cameras.

I think I would take this problem as an excuse to update!!!!!!!

Regards Brian j

  fred 21:03 25 Jan 2004

'I think I would take this problem as an excuse to update!!!!!!! '


Trouble is it took months to find this one with all the features I wanted. Also I'm poor at the moment

  fred 14:49 12 Feb 2004


Still no word from Minolta. It's at a local repairer waiting for parts. (est £100)

Thanks all.

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