Repairing bootsector?

  fghjk 03:06 10 Mar 2004

Is there any way to repair bootsector? i think mine is corrupted

  temp003 06:35 10 Mar 2004

What operating system?

Why do you think the boot sector is corrupted, what are the problems / error messages you get?

  temp003 07:31 10 Mar 2004

I'm typing this because I won't be around for long today.

f you really think repairing the boot sector is your solution, first scan computer (all files) thoroughly for viruses, just in case there's a bootsector virus (even though they are rare these days). Otherwise trying to repair bootsector when there's a bootsector virus will just activate the virus and cause you a lot of grief.

If you're able to load Windows, back up your important files first.

For single OS on your computer:

98 or ME, boot up computer with its own boot floppy, and at the A:\> prompt, type:

sys c:

and press Enter. That's it. This re-copies the 9x system (or boot) files to C, and create the 9x boot sector for the active partition.

If by "bootsector" you mean the master boot record, the command you use is:

fdisk /mbr

After the commands, remove floppy and restart.

For w2k or XP, boot with CD, enter Recovery Console. For w2k, press R, then press C. For XP, just press R.

Then press 1, Enter. Enter Adm password (if none, leave blank and press Enter). Then at the c:\windows\> or c:\winnt\> prompt, type:


and Enter. Confirm the action. This rewrites the boot sector codes (but it won't copy boot files to C).

If MBR is what you're after, type:


and press Enter. Confirm action.

Then type exit and Enter. Computer will restart. Remove CD.

Use any of these commands at your own risk.

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