Repair on Windows7 in Safe mode

  birdface 10:34 17 Aug 2010

Anybody ever used Repair in safe mode as I am having a few problems with my computer at the moment.
I started to use it and as soon as it asked which language for keyboard I thought that maybe best to cancel it until I could get some advice.

  Taff™ 11:48 17 Aug 2010

Select UK Keyboard and proceed and you`ll get to a user interface where you can choose which tools you want to use. What sort of problems are you having?

  birdface 12:20 17 Aug 2010

Ok Taff will give that a try a bit later seems to be working Ok in safe mode so not sure what the problem is.
It keeps freezing and not opening programs and will not shut down properly.Works Ok on here.
Usually a driver problem but nothing showing in Device Manager.
Ran all of my security programs on here and found no problems.

  birdface 13:08 17 Aug 2010

Nope tried in normal mode again and as soon as I try to open any programs it freezes.
It did let me open Task manager and everything looked normal in there.When I tried to open I/E still nothing it did enter the two iexplore.exe files but nothing was running System Idle process stayed about the 96% mark.
Will go and try that repair and see if it does any good.

  gengiscant 13:29 17 Aug 2010

I have found that Windows 7 repair throws up more problems than it solves. It doesn't like it if some drivers have been updated and even if you have a program it is not keen on,so I would backup all your stuff and reinstall.

  rawprawn 13:40 17 Aug 2010

gengiscant is right, it doesn't take too long and is a much better option even though you have to re install all your applications.

  birdface 15:27 17 Aug 2010

Well just turned on again and things seem to be working.
It seems I did the repair earlier when on one of the other programs but did it again and set chkdsk to run at start up.
Like i said seems to be working but maybe it was chkdsk that solved it or a combination of both.
Anhow I will leave this open for the rest of the day in case I have to come back.
Thanks for all comments I will think about a reinstall if it acts up again.

  birdface 06:53 18 Aug 2010

Switched on this morning and things were bad as ever again.
Trouble trying to download windows updates.
Windows explorer not working right.
Switched off all add-ons and appears to be working a bit better.
Atleast not freezing all of the time.

  rawprawn 09:22 18 Aug 2010

Good morning buteman, I still think you would be better re installing Windows 7

  birdface 10:47 18 Aug 2010

Thinking about it.
But just annoys me when it runs Ok in safe mode but not in Normal mode.
Had it working fairly well this morning.
But it has gone again.
Unfortunately there are some programs that will not run in safe mode that may have helped like windows update.
it just cant seem to make a restore point in normal mode so it will not download the updates.
probably mess about with it today and reinstall it tonight if no joy.
Just hard to do anything when it keeps freezing.

  birdface 12:02 18 Aug 2010

Well her goes working ok at the moment just going to reboot and see what happens.
Not at all confident but you never know.

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