Repair Vista with different OEM copy

  Airster 14:11 06 Jan 2009

My mum keeps getting BSOD within seconds of Vista starting on her Packard Bell (PC World) PC (8 months old). She has tried using the "recovery" dvds created by her after she bought it, to repair it, but with no joy. I'm going to have a look at it myself but was wondering if I could (try to) use the OEM DVD I bought a few weeks ago which I have installed on my new build pc?

Both are Vista Home Premium and I would only be using the DVD to repair her installation, for which she has a valid license, as do I.

Surely (one would think) the fact it is tied to my hardware only applies for activation?

  MAJ 14:23 06 Jan 2009

Can't see why it wouldn't work, assuming the repair option is available with your OEM version.

I would try to get to the cause of the BSODs by switching out memory modules and graphics card to see if it's them causing the problems.

  Woolwell 14:30 06 Jan 2009

I echo MAJ's thread. Had a similar problem with a PC which got the dreaded BSOD almost immediately and it turned out to be a defective strip of RAM.

  Airster 14:31 06 Jan 2009

Thanks Maj. I know, she's mentioned a few crashes recently and despite advising her to get a note of the error codes and what was happening prior to crashes (how long it had been on, what she was doing at the time etc), no joy. The backup drive I bought her sits there unplugged despite me having set it all up and scheduling it. Despite anguished cries about invaluable old photos on the drives. Its a 200 mile round trip for each emergency for me, but what can you do ;-) ????

Perhaps I should get her an etch-a-sketch and tell her its a laptop that will always reboot succesfully??

  MAJ 14:43 06 Jan 2009

LOL I can sympathise with your round-trip problems, Airster and although it might not be of any use for this problem, you should try using something like TeamViewer click here to remotely access and control Mum's computer for the 'easier' problems. Assuming you both have a broadband connection that is.

  Airster 15:43 06 Jan 2009

Thanks both.

Re: TeamViewer, I've been reading about it - I normally use CrossLoop for remote troubleshooting though, but I appreciate the advice.

To add to my woes, my mum is adamant that I AM NOT allowed to open the computer as it is still under warranty (what that is actually worth I don't know!). I'm not letting her hand it over to PCW as they'll probably tell her she needs a new Core i7 PC with a couple of 4750x2's in SLI as her current obsolete quad core system just isn't up to handling big emails and those family tree websites need a lot of processing power to find your dead relatives....

Now where did I leave my Linux live distros and UBCD...?

Will post my results.

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