repair rar file

  aceguy 14:52 16 Jun 2005

hi all. i just downloaded a large video file which is in rar format. when i try to open file winrar says that the archive is either unknown format or damaged. is there anyway to repair this problem? any help would be great.

  Joe R 14:59 16 Jun 2005


In winrar, under the tools menu, there is a repair option.

  aceguy 15:04 16 Jun 2005

i will give that a bash - cheers mate

  aceguy 15:15 16 Jun 2005

winrar cant fix the file!!! is there any other software that can do the job?

  wee eddie 15:27 16 Jun 2005

Large files sometimes fail to download completely because of problems at one end or the other.

The most regular problem though is that you don't have permission to download so many Mgs.

  aceguy 15:33 16 Jun 2005

its says - the archive is either in unknown format or damaged. think i will just delete file. think that it is damaged. cheers anyhow

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