repair of printer

  funnybone 17:30 25 Mar 2005

by accident I have snapped off the plastic front of the catridge holder on the printer. I lexmark 1150. Does anyone know how it can be replaced as I can't put a catridge in it securely now. thanks

  jack 17:58 25 Mar 2005

Without knowing the precise printer it is impossible to say.
Eleastic bands. sticky tape. a little bit of inovation from someting to wedge a cart in.

At the end of the day if the situation really affects the printers performance- then its down to a new printer,

  Diemmess 18:15 25 Mar 2005

If it is the gray or beige plastic case material which has broken, then you can almost certainly glue it with "Airfix" or "Humbrol" PVC cement.

Since the glue-sniffer fashion became a reality the Humbrol cement has been ruined with a different solvent.

I still have a bottle of Butanone or
methyl ethyl ketone, which is fine because it is a water like solvent applied to both surfaces with a fine paintbrush. If you buy it by order from a chemist it will cost a pound or two but last forever!

A few years ago I dropped a heavy manual on the back of my first colour printer and broke out the entire port connection! It welded nicely with this, and never thought about it again,

  Diemmess 08:39 26 Mar 2005

I meant HD polystyrene (I hope).... Most moulding seem to be of this material......... Old fashioned polystyrene cement will be entirely adequate. So will Butanone, but PVC cement is not for this purpose.

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