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  doolittle05 11:00 10 Aug 2006

hi, i work for a charity volunteering and we've been given a PC which just freezes. Ive spent hours trying to reinstall XP to no avail. Can anyone suggest how i can repair this?

  rodriguez 11:05 10 Aug 2006

Do you get any error messages when trying to install XP or does it install and just carry on freezing afterwards? If you haven't already, you could try formatting the hard drive then installing Windows. If it still freezes, and there are no messages and you end up having to reset it then it could be a faulty motherboard.

  doolittle05 11:08 10 Aug 2006

hi, ive tried to format the disc by downloading some software onto floppys but this didnt work. I've had suggested linking the Pc to another computer to format it but I havent got a cable, I can get one if this is the best solution.
I've triued reinstalling XP but it just freezes again.
Is it best to buy something to repair/clean with?

  VoG II 11:21 10 Aug 2006

Try this click here

  rodriguez 11:22 10 Aug 2006

click here for a boot CD - just burn this CD image and you can then boot the computer from it. When the command prompt comes up, type FDISK on and press Enter. Then you can delete all the partitions on the hard drive and make a new primary one. Then when done, reboot the computer and type FORMAT C: and press Enter and it should format it.

  doolittle05 15:16 10 Aug 2006

ive built this disc and tried restarting with it but it doesnt go to command prompt from which to type FDISK.
why would it do that?
maybe the drive is broke?
it has 2 and ive tried them both but neither works....
u dont know a download from a floppy do you?

  Pamy 16:06 10 Aug 2006

before going any further, what is this computer going to be used for?

  woodchip 16:43 10 Aug 2006

Two things come to mind. Overheating or Graphics Drivers may need updating

  doolittle05 16:47 10 Aug 2006

word, internet explorer, nothing fancy with graphics etc. im wondering if the memory is just too small to handle windows really.
it used to work slowly but quite happily until recently though doing exactly the same things.

  Pamy 16:52 10 Aug 2006

so , can you now tell us how it came about to not work as it was, allbeit slowly?

  doolittle05 16:57 10 Aug 2006

he doesnt know, just said one day it started freezing after 5 mins work.

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