Repair advice please

  rawprawn 08:09 29 May 2008

Next week for the first time in my life (I have usually managed to fix them myself) I have to send my computer (laptop) in for repair, for a new keyboard. Back to Sony via John Lewis.
I have a lot of private information on it (Banking etc) I can encrypt all of this information, but will it be safe from prying eyes with computer know how? or is it safer to uninstall all sensitive programs such as money, and delete private data?
I shall of course make a full backup to my external drive before sending it for repair.
Any advice please.

  crosstrainer 08:24 29 May 2008

Knowing Sony as I do, I would strongly advise that you remove ALL sensitive data from the laptop prior to sending it away.

If you can access your CD or DVD writer, make backups of all critical data so that you can restore it on return of the machine.

If you cannot access the drives to write a copy of your information, get hold of an external USB HDD and copy them there.

Your other (more expensive but worth the money) option is to download and install Acronis True Image 11, and make a full backup image of your laptops contents. DON'T send it away with your details on it whatever you do!

  rawprawn 08:29 29 May 2008

Good morning, thanks for that advice.I have no problems with the laptop except the keyboard. I will uninstall all sensitive data, I have an external HDD, and Acronis 11, so it is no problem. I guess I was just being lazy.

  crosstrainer 08:37 29 May 2008

That's the way to go, let Acronis look after your data.....Be prepared for a long wait...Would be interested to know what the turn around is on Sony repairs these day's (I gave up supplying there products some time ago for just that reason)

  Technotiger 08:44 29 May 2008

Good morning - maybe I am just being silly (I have only just woken up!) but, if you had a spare drive with an OS on it - and no other data, would it not be easier just to temporarily swap drives?

  rawprawn 09:57 29 May 2008

Soory maybe I am being slow,but I have a Sony Laptop with 120gbHDD and a WD External 250gb on which I keep all Acronis backups. I don't see how I could swap drives.
One question though, is it possible to designate which drive letter the external HD selects each time it is connected? for example Z

  rawprawn 10:06 29 May 2008

Have to go out just now I will look back later.

  rawprawn 10:11 29 May 2008

I am taking it in next Thursday, I will let you know when I get it back. You will know anyway as I will be back to the forum.
I hope they are not as bad as you say, I shall be computerless for ages!

  Technotiger 10:13 29 May 2008

I did not mean swap the drives you have - that would be a silly suggestion - no, I meant if you had a spare internal type separate drive not being used.

  rawprawn 11:36 29 May 2008

Thanks, but no I don't have a spare drive that will go in the laptop.

Any ideas on the drive letter? for the external drive?

  crosstrainer 11:59 29 May 2008

If your USB hdd is bootable (many are) it should be detected in the BIOS if connected and switched on during bootup.

In order to make it a bootable drive, re-set the boot order in your BIOS to the drive letter assigned to it by the system.

A word of warning though....If you have correctly configured Acronis (you see the Acronis startup recovery message on boot up) I would not advise you to make the external drive the boot device, as Acronis could become confused and your backups placed at risk.

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