reordering mp3 tracks on a usb stick

  awest3 16:15 18 Nov 2010

I have put 45 mp3 audio tracks on a usb stick but cant get them to play in the correct order. renaming etc. just does not work. Anyone know of a utility which does mp3 track reordering..? I've googled it but can find nothing to do what I need. They have to be in the correct order as my mother who is blind just puts them into her player. If I download free audio books for her they normally play in the correct order, doing it myself I seem to have screwed up somewhere..any assistance appreciated as ever.


  awest3 16:29 18 Nov 2010

30 secs after posting this I found a solution..I think..
I copied all the files back to the PC, reformatted the usb drive then copied back the files from the PC and they seem to now be playing in order..

  awest3 18:30 18 Nov 2010

Tried it 4 times now and it seems to work.

  awest3 12:51 21 Nov 2010

Spoke too soon..! seems to work on PC ok but not in an MP3 player....

The audio starts playing at chapter 4 rather than chapter one...

Any ideas..?

  Ian in Northampton 14:04 21 Nov 2010

Can you not create a playlist on your MP3 player? That would enable you to listen to the tracks in whatever order you decide.

  awest3 10:07 22 Nov 2010

Thanks for this. I'm not sure but I'll check.

The player is very basic (I'll get the name later today) screen just on/off,
skip forward/back and pause with built in speakers. Its quite cheap at about £20 to the registered blind...daisy players are about £260...with very little in between.

  awest3 16:54 22 Nov 2010

Its a boombox available (only, I think) from RNIB website at £28ish, although the only name on it is "Lap Lock".

on reading the instructions it says that it plays files in "date written" order, note: not date and time written order, although one would assume that to be the case.

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