Reopened dead laptop problem

  dalimena 14:12 29 Mar 2006

longhouse hope your still around, because i bought an adaptor from Maplins for £6.99. They said just to take out cd drive ribbon and put this one in and windows xp will recognise it automatically. Well i did and it didnt, it does have 4 pins for jumper to be altered but i dont know where it should be put?. I will tell you the make of hard disk it is and i would be grateful for any help.It is a Fujitsu model number MHS2030AT, 30 gb. The jumper is across the bottom two as it came out of the laptop and on top of the drive it says for that setting " cable sel" It shows two other settings one with no jumper at all and says " device 0" and the other the pins are on the end two vertically and says jumper device 1. Hope im making sense?. Also can you tell me the way the ribbon goes onto the back as it can fit both ways, i know it has a reb stripe down one side, also can the power adaptor go into any spare connector within the tower?. As you can see i am ver amateur at this and your help is gratefully recieved.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:16 29 Mar 2006

umper settings for your drive click here

cable select = end bottom and second bottom
slave = vertical on end pins
master = no jumper

you need slave when putting in to desktop

boot PC and enter BIOS (message on first screen press del esc F2 or some other key)

In BIOS set the drives to auto detect (f3) save and exit. yYou should now see the PC reboot and in the list of devices you should see your drive appear as windows boots (won't boot if cable in wrong way round no other damage)

In windows My computer your drives and files can now be seen.

  dalimena 19:53 29 Mar 2006

Thanks for that Fruit Bat /\0/\, can you tell me the way the cable goes into the back?, the red strip side? please

  woodchip 19:59 29 Mar 2006

This is what you should have got.....NEED

click here

  Longhouse 21:02 29 Mar 2006

Sorry Dalimena

I've just checked my postings when I logged on and answered there. Didn't realise that you'd reopened under a new post. See the link below

click here


  Longhouse 21:07 29 Mar 2006

The enclosure pointed to by Woodchip is less expensive than the one I've highlighed at Scan and will do the same job and I doubt you'll find one cheaper anywhere else.


  dalimena 22:14 29 Mar 2006

sorry for having two subjects open at oce, im not sure if you will read the one thats ticked.

longhouse or fruit bat, just a last question if i may. Can i take the ide cable out of the motherboard that feeds both my dvd drive and dvd rw drive? and just plug the adaptor cable straight into the motherboard? will i still have to go into bios and change settings and will the laptop drive have to be set as slave still?

  woodchip 22:26 29 Mar 2006

It will not work like that, If you remove the CD DVD drive cable from Drive or motherboard you can then connect it to that and then go into BIOS to auto recognise the laptop drive. Save and Exit then reboot

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