renovating a house so would like a wired network?

  SANAP 18:23 08 Mar 2006

I have the opportunity to completely gut a house and start from scratch so I would like it wired in such a way that I can use laptop or pc in, for argument sakee use a latop or pc in evey room, I also want to be able to view output from pc on a falt panel tv and of course surf the web. I know I can go wireless but prefer solid wires. What do I need to do?? It's a bungalow so is going to be easy to run cables.

Is it just a case of running cat 5 cable from a router and putting wall sockets as required?



  chub_tor 19:21 08 Mar 2006

Yes you can run wires around with a router and wall sockets but you run the risk of furniture being moved in front of the sockets, you will have wires trailing from the sockets to the laptop or PC so why do it? I would be inclined to get over my recalcitrance with wireless and go that way.

  Ikelos 19:38 08 Mar 2006

as was said above, you are still tied to the wall with a bit of wire, go wireless, then if you wish you can take the laptop out into the garden if the weather ever gets better....

  Belatucadrus 20:39 08 Mar 2006

click here Homestead are always worth a look if you want to set up a wired LAN

  cyberphobic 20:44 08 Mar 2006

I have a part wired/part wireless network, I never have any problems with the wired network and it is definitely faster than wireless. The wirelss network does drops it's connection from time to time, but is so user friendly - I'm currently watching the Arsenal/Liverpool games on Sky, talking to a mate on MSN and posting this message while sittting on the settee in front of a coal fire - heaven! Why don't you do the same - hard wire to the main rooms where you are likely to use a desktop but also put a wireless access point in so you have the best of both worlds?

  Danoh 00:50 09 Mar 2006

I'm getting 108Mbps throughput, synchronously, using pre-N MIMO devices with decent antenna. Although this does fluctuate a bit, it is still close enough to wired Ethernet 100Mbps capacity to make it indistinguishable in real-life usage.

As the 802.11n protocol is agreed now and will be formally ratified before this year is out, standardised N protocol products will be out soon after that.

However, if you are thinking of future HDTV signals then you are right to consider a wired LAN. But don’t use Cat5 cable ~ go for Cat6 which will cope with 1Gbps (1,000 Mbps) throughput.

But I am forever re-arranging room layouts and moving furniture around, including desktop PCs, TVs, stereo, etc.

  Danoh 00:52 09 Mar 2006

Oh, and of course a router that caters for 1Gbps as most only go up to 100Mbps.

  SANAP 00:54 09 Mar 2006

thanks all, i will go for a combo, of both.


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