Renewing My Kaspersky Internet Security 6.0

  julius44 17:58 01 May 2007

Hello there all, and firstly i'd like to thank EVERYONE for all the help that i get when i come online. Now I currently use a 6 months free edition of Kaspessky Internet Security 6.0..which came on an edition of PC Advisor..i think is does not expire till 28/08/2007,...BUT I've gone on the kspersky website....but it seems that as i've get 6 months free, that I cannot even register on the site.....even though i have a license number that comes with my 6 months free subscription....I'm ready to purchase the FULL YEAR pncewhen my free subscription ends....but i do not wish to REMOVE the current version i have now, as i've heard rumours you have to totally uninstall i'ce had problems doing this in the past....just need general advice...or correct links. thanks

  Fingees 18:51 01 May 2007

I don't use that one, but if you have any qualms about removing your existing security, all you have to do is download and save. then go off line.
remove your old stuff and install the you obviously had no trouble installing your present security, you should have no problem installing the new.

Somebody may give you some info about the correct way to uninstall your present stuff, without problem.It obviously has to be uninstalled if that's what they recommend.

all the best.

  lulubelle 19:17 01 May 2007

Hi julius44,
I also have a 6 months free version of Kaspersky Internet Security Suite. I got mine from Computer Shopper (Not that it makes any difference). I had no problem updating my copy, which was version 614, to version 621. I just installed over the top of the old one. However it does depend on which version you have got installed as to whether you can do this. There is a great forum for Kaspersky and they should be able to answer al your questions. Here is the link........

click here

Hope this helps

  julius44 19:28 01 May 2007

Hi lulubelle, n thanks for the when u upgraded did u have to pay the full £40 for the 1 year?? I have been on the link, thanks will have to go back onto it later.....Also have u had any problems using kaspersky?? I've 2 months into my 6 months free tiral, and i think it is pretty superb...i've never had any problems on my pc since i have it, and it also seems to go easy on system memory unlike Norton, etc, my only qualms, is that it says the 6 months free includes automatic updates.....but i've always had to click the update button to get the updates.......even though the update are set to auto....

  lulubelle 20:17 01 May 2007

The upgrade was free.
If you have a key or activation code, all upgrades are free, until of course your subscription expires. Kaspersky will notify you approx. 2 weeks before your subscription expires, and then you will be able to pay the £40 for the year. Try setting the updates to hourly, or even every half hour. Right click the K icon on your taskbar.. then...Settings/Update/. Put a tick in the middle setting then click the Change button. You can then set the update to whatever you prefer. If you have it on automatic, it will only update once every 2 to 4 hours. It might be, that it would update on it's own, but you are just not online long enough.
I haven't had any problems, so far, and I think it is a great product. I will definitely be forking out my £40 when my subscription runs out.

  julius44 20:45 01 May 2007

Thanks lulubelle, u r a star. I think u've explained it to me fully now....i'll just wait till closer to the period and hopefully like u said, they'll send me an email to renew my subscription. I'll also set the update thing as u mentioned. once again thanks for your help

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