renewed power supply now computer wont come on

  graham11 20:24 17 Nov 2008

Help please guys nd girls my old power supply broke on me on my 3 year old computer so i replaced it with it a new 400watt supply ,
now you can here the power supply fan coming on but the computer doesnt turn on at all nothing on screen but the amber light on the monitor keeps flashing and the power button light on the computeris on any help please
regards a confused Graham

  johndrew 20:48 17 Nov 2008

When your old PSU `broke` it may have damaged your motherboard or other components. You should get it checked out.

Also you don`t say where the new PSU came from; if it was second hand or from another PC are you certain it was `good`?

If the above don`t apply, I suggest you double check all connections are correct.

  graham11 20:54 17 Nov 2008

the psu was brand new bought this morning , how would i know if the motherboard is broken ? there was a burnt area inside the power supply around a componet would this break the motherboard ? thanks for the reply by the way

regards Graham

  ronalddonald 23:57 17 Nov 2008

if there is a burnt area that probably means you need a new motherboard as the burn may of killed of connections on the mother board.

AS its not in warranty try taking to a local pc repair shop and have them look at it as they be able to advise what to do.

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