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  rdh660 19:13 16 Jul 2006

I have been using Norton antivirus for quite a long time now and to be honest have had no problems( at present 2005 version). However my annual renewal is approaching and it appears to cost as much to buy the new version as it is to renew my present one. I know there are lots of gripes about Norton anti virus and Symantec products so I have done a little research and Kapersky AV seems to come out well and will be about the same cost as renewing/upgrading my Norton.

HOWEVER I have read about the problems experienced removing Symantec software which makes me think I should simply stick as I am, cough up the renewal or upgrade fee and leave well alone despite my research indicating that Kapersky MAY be a better product??

Any advice regarding Norton antivirus versus Kapersky and symantec removal would be appreciated here.

  Joe R 19:15 16 Jul 2006


why spend money at all.?

As most forum members will agree, AVG or Avast, both of which are free, will give you good protection.

  rdh660 19:18 16 Jul 2006

Thanks Joe
If I install any other antivirus will I need to uninstall Norton or can I simply disable it and have no conflicts??

  SANTOS7 19:20 16 Jul 2006

click here
this will help,good luck..

  anskyber 19:24 16 Jul 2006

You might want to read the PCA review in this months mag (Aug!!) before settleing for your favourite.

I ran norton and gave up after 3 years. You can disable it but it is best uninstalled particularly if you are not renewing. I use ZoneAlarm (the suite and paid) with great ease and it is "light" on the PC requirements. My Dad who is reluctant to pay has used AVG and loves it (the free version).

  anskyber 19:27 16 Jul 2006

Oh.... sorry if this is obvious but if you uninstall Norton and you are downloading another, download first, then go offline before you uninstall and install the new.

  rdh660 19:30 16 Jul 2006

Thanks all
Once again brilliant service from some very kind and helpful people.

Take care

  Jimmy14 19:34 16 Jul 2006


  iqs 19:39 16 Jul 2006

Like Joe R states"why spend money at all.?"

I used NIS for years,but I always bought the latest version when my subscription expired.I never renewed on line.

Now I use AVG Free.In my opinion it's just as reliable at detecting threats as NIS. Plus it's not as resourse hungry as NIS.

If you do decided to remove Norton ,there is a tool provided on their web site which will remove all traces of their various programs from your PC.I used it,worked like a dream..

I did notice that WH Smiths were selling Norton 2006 Antivirus for £19.99.

Hope this helps

  freaky 20:25 16 Jul 2006

What about a Firewall, if you have XP then you have the Microsoft Firewall, if not then you have no Firewall!

Suggest you use AVG(free) for Virus protection, and download the Kerio Firewall from Sunbelt Software on 30 days free trial. At the end of the trial you have the option of purchasing the Full version for about £10, or just keep the free version.

click here

The Windows XP Firewall only gives 'one way protection' it does not give 'two way protection'. Kerio gives 2-way protection.

Had Norton Internet Security 2004 on 3 PC's. Uninstalled it (with no problem) and replaced with AVG and Kerio - very pleased with the results, and saved quite a lot of money!

  Babou 00:47 17 Jul 2006

I've been trialling AVG free on a computer I don't use much and one thing that really impresses me is how fast the updates download and install. I'm going to replace Norton with AVG on my main machine too now. Thanks for the firewall pointer, freaky.

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