Renaming MP3s

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I have a load of MP3s on my PC that I need to rename. At the moment they are called track 1 - track 2 etc etc. Is there any software that will rename them all in bulk with the track name and artist because I have the listings in a word or excel file. Or do I have to rename them one by one which will take me hours? Thanks.

  ICF 19:42 28 Feb 2007
  ICF 19:43 28 Feb 2007
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How do I do it!!!

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I have an excel file with for example Madonna in A1 and Vogue in B1 and loads more in A2/B2 and so on. How do I apply these to Track 1, Track 2 and so on with this software?

  Diversion 01:03 01 Mar 2007

If they are from the same album, group them together in a playlist file and assuming that you are using Media Player 11 click on find info and it should come up with the song titles and artist. If it doesn't I'm afraid it's a lot of typing, I've about 300 MP3's on my PC that I need to type in the song titles and the artist I do about 25 each week until they're completed.

  Hanx1953 10:26 01 Mar 2007

Get yourself a copy of Roxio Easy Media Creator 9. It uses "Gracenote" servers to recognise your tracks, it fills in ALL the tag information and actually recognises the track by the music that is contained. I found a 99.8% accuracy. Hope this helps. Dave

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