Rename/Reallocate Drives?

  Ma6ician 07:11 07 Jun 2010

Hi,Ive just bought a new HP Dv7 running Win 7.
It has a 500Gb Hdd as follows :-
c:\ 450 Gb
d:\ (recovery) 16 Gb
e:\ HP tools
f:\ CD Rom/DVD
What I would like to do is split the C drive roughly in two,as 450 Gb seems way to big to scan antivirus wise etc.So the C drive would become 225 Gb, wth 225 Gb (roughly) unallocated space.It will let me 'rename/assign' the unallocated as G no prob, but to keep things uniform I'd like to have the Optical drive as G.So if I rename that first! as G, will it still work fine and be found ok??.Plus will this then release F as an option to rename my unallocated section??.Many thanks in advance. Phil.

  rawprawn 07:18 07 Jun 2010

Yes No problem.

  Ma6ician 07:50 07 Jun 2010

Hi rawprawn, thanks for your quick response. I'm normally a bit more cavalier (Not wreckless lol)but you know those brand New system jitters :), so is what I've posted guarenteed to work?, it'll just rename and see everything ok ?. Thanks

  rawprawn 09:32 07 Jun 2010

Yes rename your optical drive G, then if it doesn't rename your unallocated drive as F and chooses a different Letter, simply rename it F

  Ma6ician 11:56 07 Jun 2010

Hi rawprawn,
Done all that,it was pretty much what I expected,but with a new system nice to have that reassurance before you start losing Dvd drives etc.
1:I renamed the Dvd first,it went to G no problm
2:Then I assigned the unallocated as 'F' which now showed as available,but it did prompt me to create it as 'Dynamic' as there were more than 4 partitions /system/c:/D:Recovery/E:HP Tools/F: New Volume!.
So everything fine,two quirks 1,it asked me to download Java? did so and it said it was already installed??.2: It said Windows Recovery was turned off?, turned it back on and now all seems fine.I had already run Disk DeFragmentor to make sure everything was together before I started :).Just added this in case anyone else comes across it. Thanks again Phil.

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