ReNamed Partition on a Mesh AMD64-XP2

  rabadubdub 14:19 29 Oct 2005

My friend is having problems with starting his XP sp2 system since the other day - the C: drive contents have moved to drive letter I:, D: drive (Sony DVD 22W) changed to J: drive. The BIOS also reports Primary Master - Not Detected, but being a SATA HDD it's not a IDE connection.
After using the recovery disc from Mesh, and going through many attempts to repair, we were given the option of Installing or Deleting partitions:Information (after Preinstall-Setup is given as 200GB Disk0 at ID0 on bus0; C:Partition1 Recovery>[Fat32] 3.5GB (661MB free); I:Partition2 windows>[NTFS] 190GB (+...GB free).
Attempts to repair the I:\windows partition got the message that "the amount of corruption on Partition is too much to recover from." The BIOS also fails to detect anything on IDE master!

From the support pages on the Mesh site it was suggested to go ahead with the Install on C:

This resulted in reformatting of C: partition and installation of basic XP-home system (SP1) on it and no other drivers for sound, programs package etc. However,since doing this we can see that all the data is still on the Disk but now in the drive labelled I:. Trying to start any of the programs on that drive results in a quick flash of a DOS screen and then nothing. Also tried reinstalling InstantCD/DVD software to burn data from Drive I: -but get a message that "J:(Sony CD/DVDRW) is Inaccessible".
I don't know if this is a hardware or software problem. We used MacAfee's Stinger.exe virus remover which found the W32/sdbot.gen.t virus, and deleted.
A connection had just been made with a Speedtouch330 dsl modem, to a new Bulldog Broadband account (NOW we know about them), so not sure if the setup of that caused problem - we got online pretty simply (eventually)- or virus.
I thought the point of having a "Mesh" Recovery CD was to Recover all the drivers it preloaded with.. this doesn't have the SP2 settings included.
Tried to get through to Mesh for a couple of days and got no-one to speak to us yet.
Any assistance to recover/Restore the system and data would be greatly appreciated.
I'll check back later.

System specs:
Mesh Matrix 3000+ AMD Athlon64cpu; M/board; Maxtor 200GB SATA HDD; 512Mb pc3200 400DDR RAM; ATI Radeon 9550 tvout/dvi; Audigy 2zs (oem); Lexmark3100; Speedtouch330 modem; Sony S94B mon.

  rabadubdub 14:28 29 Oct 2005

A Hauppage WinTV card has also been installed a few months ago, and worked fine. ..but the first clue something was going wrong was when the system hung a couple of times during winTV playing just the other night.

Thanks again for any assistance.


PS. Forum Ed. thanks for fixing the posting problem

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:48 29 Oct 2005

This will walk you through changing the drive letters to whatever you want.

1. Open the Control Panel
2. Select Classic View (if not already setup that way)
3. Click Administrative Tools Folder
4. Double-click the Computer Management icon
5. Computer Management window will open. Click storage in the left page.
6. Double-click Disk Management
7. Right-click the drive you want to change
8. Select Change Drive Letter and Paths
9. Click the Change Button
10. Select the drive letter to which you want to assign it
11. Note the warning and agree if you accept the risks
12. Close out the disk management

Switching drive letters need an extra step. As two drives cannot be assigned to the same letter, you many need to temporarily change one of the drives to something random.

For example, after installing a new storage hard drive, my system had my main drive as C, CD-ROM as D, and storage drive as E. I switch my CD-ROM to X for a second, switch my storage drive to D, and then assign my CD-ROM to E. The switch is completed.


1. You should not change drives containing system information or installed programs.
2. You should not change your CD-ROM drive if an installed program looks for a "run disk" in order to run

  rabadubdub 15:48 29 Oct 2005

Thanks Fruit Bat, as you'll have noticed - the drive needing restored is now named I: and contains all the programs, system and data to be recovered, so not sure just changing letter will work now if the warning is true.
I was hoping the Mesh support man will fill me in on how to restore from the hidden partition I understand Mesh put on their setup.

All suggestions gratefully received though, thanks.


  rabadubdub 04:00 31 Oct 2005

we continued installing AV and AntiSpyware - including AdAware, SpybotSD and MacAfee, set the Firewall up and got online again. Tried to re-install SP2 but wouldn't take; tried MS Update and failed to complete the downloads. (I should also mention that we tried updating via windows Update last week, the night before it all went belly up... coincidence?) It started hanging again, then took a full five minutes to shutdown.

Someone suggested Partition Magic. The thought crossed my mind but, would it merge the partitions without losing the data? What about the program/system files from the I: drive?
Any knowledge shared would be a help.


  rabadubdub 11:35 31 Oct 2005

not got through to Mesh on the phone, so I hope the ever watchful Davey from Mesh can pick up on this and give some advice.

  rabadubdub 13:13 03 Nov 2005

Having finally got through to Mesh Tech Support on the phone, Techie confirmed bust HDD likely, and will replace it free of charge. The comp' is just over 1yr old, so that's great..
Thank you Mesh.
Still need to get data out of the old HDD - probably by installing it on another machine.

Thanks for trying, Fruit Bat.

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