Removing XP firewall

  floydking 19:00 19 Feb 2004

To enable me to use emule I have been told that it is beter to disable XP Firewall and to replace Zonealarm with Kerio Firewall. Though I have done this, I still feel a little nervous about it. I would like the opinion of others please. Thanks. Graham.

  Jester2K 19:00 19 Feb 2004

ANY other firewall (Sygate, Zone Alarm etc) is better than XPs firewall...

  Belatucadrus 19:06 19 Feb 2004

Kerio recently got rated as the best free firewall in another PC magazine.

  floydking 19:14 19 Feb 2004

Thanks folks. But would you say that Kerio is capable of doing the job of both XP firewall and zonealarm together. I know one firewall is usually sufficient, but after using the other two succesfully at the same time, I am now a little nervous.

  Belatucadrus 20:07 19 Feb 2004

PCPro rated Kerio as better that the free version of Zonealarm partly because it was more configurable and there really is no point in bothering with the XP firewall if you have either of the others installed. As to being worried about security, the best move you can make is not load P2P of any description in the first place. If you are intent on it however, also take a look at avast! anti virus as it has a specialised P2P scanner built in for those intent on taking the risk.

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