Removing unwanted programmes

  Trikie 23:44 24 May 2004

I am running low on disk space on C drive. Have used XPs Clean Up and removed temporary & temp internet files. Using the control panel > uninstall screens not all the programs are listed. Is there a way to delete programs that are not listed?

Also the recycle bin icon has disappeared from the desktop and does not appear on the list of programs - how do I get to it?

  VoG II 23:49 24 May 2004

click here then click Win XP fixes then "Restore recycle bin desktop item".

  Trikie 00:19 25 May 2004

Thanks VoG. I've done that and the recycle bin icon now shows as part of Norton and refers to protected files, but shows none. Right clicking on the icon gives an UnErase Wizard menu with various options but the Empty Recycle Bin is greyed out.

  feb 00:23 25 May 2004

Have you got Norton system works installed?

  hugh-265156 00:50 25 May 2004

cleanup finds more than windows xp`s own cleanup and is safe to use on standard settings give it a try click here

if some programs are not showing up in add remove programs see if they have their own uninstall utility listed in start/all programs and use that instead.

failing that and if there seems no way of uninstalling the software by proper means:

first set a system restore point:

then as a last resort delete the applications folder and then click:

start/run type regedit and click ok

click file/export and save a copy of the registry somewhere handy just in case.

next navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurentVersion\Uninstall

expand it and you will see in the left pane a list of references to software installed on your computer.

click each one in turn and look in the right pane for details of what it is.

if its the application you wish to remove and its not listed in add remove programs delete the registry value after deleting the applications folder.

be very careful here to only delete the value that corresponds to the item in question.

restart the computer.

  lamda 10:41 25 May 2004

into my postings

  Trikie 18:31 25 May 2004

Yes feb, I have got Norton Systemworks.My main need was the anti virus but it loaded the rest as well

Thanks Huggyg71 - Cleanup has created on extra 450MB of space - I was down to 114 and getting desperate. Now I will have a go at clearing the other programs with your help.

Many thanks

  jimmer409® 19:22 25 May 2004

if you feel confident doing it you can add a new second hard drive for less than £75, very easy to do providing your computer has the space, if so set it as slave and move files to is as required.

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