Removing unwanted folders in My Documents

  maidenlewes 14:44 21 Jan 2007

I've recently got a new computer and I am conscious to keep it clear of all unwanted files and folders. When installing new programs, they often have a habit of installing a folder in "My Documents" for the user files. Adobe, Paint Shop Pro, CyberLink etc. This is fine when I actually use these programs, but when I installed Pinnacle's Dazzle TV card software, I found an unwanted folder appear in My Documents; "InstantCD/DVD". It has nothing in it, and I really don't want it there. There is nowhere to change the folder location in Pinnacle's software preferences, so, how to I delete this folder forever? Is it a registry issue?

Thanks in advance.
Max, maidenlewes

p,s I guess an alternative would be to find some better TV card software (so I can remove Pinnacle's awful programs lol), but I don't know if this is possible.

  Ashrich 14:47 21 Jan 2007

I take it you have tried right clicking on the files and folders and selecting " delete " have you ?


  maidenlewes 14:49 21 Jan 2007

Sorry, I should have mentioned that. I've deleted it many times, and deleted every search result for "InstantCD/DVD" (including all 'Program Files' files). It just comes back when I reboot.

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