Removing un wanted pages from a word document

  jack 15:30 27 Apr 2007

In preparing a document a second page came up- after editing this is now no longer needed.
It remains a 2 page document- how do I remove this now blank second page?

As I type this I am sure that on a forum somewhere this very question has been put and answeredonly recently, but as usual a search has come up with nothing- just when you need it.
Any ideas please

  mattyc_92 15:39 27 Apr 2007

Most of the time, you just simply select the VERY END of the document and just start pressing 'Back-Space' until you are put onto the previous page.
This is what I have always done, and I off the top of my head, can't think of any other way.

  johndrew 15:56 27 Apr 2007

Or set the cursor to the end of the document you want to save and press `Delete` until it is all gone.

Or set the cursor at the end of the document you want to save, hold the left mouse button, move the cursor down the page to highlight all that you no longer want and press `Delete`.

  freaky 16:13 27 Apr 2007

If there is a blank page at the end of the document, then move your cursor near the top of the blank page and press may have to try this a few times before it goes.

  jack 16:15 27 Apr 2007

Thaank you both - Job done

  keef66 16:25 27 Apr 2007

Just click the thing on the toolbar which looks like a backwards P, it will reveal whatever formatting is causing the blank page, then highlight and delete any returns, page breaks etc you don't need.

That's what the others have been suggesting, except you can't see what you're deleting.

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