Removing setup-dm.exe

  Jonathon J-189322 11:16 13 Dec 2005

I tried to download a game from iWin and now i'm stuck with a setup-dm.exe file on my desktop. every time i try to delete it my computer says it is in use by another person or program.

i've tried stopping it running at startup, loading in safe mode and deleting it then, also removed its registry key and tried again, all to no avail. i don't think it has any processes running as i used Sysinternals process explorer to find any, and it showed none.

i'm totally drawing a blank here people, ANY help would be appreciated!!

  Jazzy James 11:25 13 Dec 2005

system restore, to before you downloaded the file(?)

  Jonathon J-189322 12:22 13 Dec 2005

that didn't get rid of the file, onyl changes in the registry or programmes installed :-(

  Jazzy James 13:18 13 Dec 2005

But having done the system restore, does the computer still reckon its using setup-dm.exe by another person or program?

  Jonathon J-189322 13:34 13 Dec 2005

yes, it still says access denied and gives me the same response.

  Jazzy James 13:40 13 Dec 2005

Hmm...end each of the processes in turn to see whether you still get the error on deleting.

Set a system restore point before doing this, and if there's a problem you'll be able to go back OK.

  Jonathon J-189322 14:31 13 Dec 2005

I've managed to get it sorted now!! :-)

There is a program called pocket killbox, which allows you to delete difficult files. That managed to ged rid of the pest in the end! Thanks for your help though!!

The link to pocket kill box is below, should anyone else get a similar problem.

click here

  Jazzy James 14:38 13 Dec 2005

cool - I'm glad you fixed it
and pocket killbox looks like a good find

  wobbly76 15:10 13 Dec 2005

I tried the link for killbox, all I got was Error 404 page not found


  Jazzy James 15:14 13 Dec 2005

put 'pocket killbox' into the search box on that Softpedia page to show you the link

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