Removing Quicktime from Control Panel.

  muddypaws 09:54 11 Apr 2009

Win.XP Home SP2.
I am trying to remove Quicktime from my Control Panel.
I have TweakUI and it is not shown there. I have searched for its .cpl ( I understand that renaming it will do the job), but .cpl is not found.
I posted this thread click here some weeks back. The problem still persists ( although I marked it as 'resolved' and decided to live with it!)
Quicktime is mentioned in various on line searches as a possible cause.

  iscanut 10:10 11 Apr 2009

Look at Programs, Quicktime folder..there should be an uninstall option there. Mine has !

  muddypaws 10:33 11 Apr 2009

I don't want to un-install----just remove from Control Panel list.

  DieSse 10:49 11 Apr 2009

The quicktime.cpl file should be easy to find. If it isn't I suggest you do uninstall it using Revo uninstaller to remove all registry entries.

Then verify that your control panel behaves correctly again - then re-install quicktime.

  iscanut 17:31 11 Apr 2009

OK..but why bother ?

  InTheCity 17:42 11 Apr 2009

this any help
click here

  muddypaws 18:40 11 Apr 2009

The Win search can't find the .cpl on mine.
Another possible solution I have bound is in 'Folder Options>View> Check 'Do not Cache Thumbnails'.
I will try this first and then if no change
iscanut I will Revo un-install QT.
InTheCity. Thanks will look through it.

  tullie 19:39 11 Apr 2009

Just out of interest,why would you want to remove listing but keep program?

  muddypaws 20:25 11 Apr 2009

Ref my link in opening para.
My control panel is slow to open on first attempt after boot up and it is suggested elsewhere that the QT entry could be the cause. Why -I dont know.

  iscanut 20:34 11 Apr 2009

Dont forget that if you use ITunes, Quicktime will be needed I think .

  muddypaws 21:48 11 Apr 2009

Don't use iTunes, but thanks for warning.

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